CONCERT VIDEOS: Fleetwood Mac @ Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam

European tour ends with technical problems, but Fleetwood Mac plays on after 90-minute delay.

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Fleetwood Mac wrapped up its European tour on Saturday night in Amsterdam, with an encore performance at Ziggo Dome. But fans attending the show had to endure an unexpected technical problem involving a malfunctioning sound mixer, which delayed the start time of the show. Throughout the delay, fans tweeted pictures of the packed arena of restless concert attendees. Despite the technical hitch, Fleetwood Mac finally came out onstage nearly 90 minutes later to perform the show (with a shorter set list) that people had paid to see.

Stevie took a few extra moments to make a special dedication for “Landslide,” which she sang for Lindsey Buckingham, Fleetwood Mac, and the Amsterdam audience.

“Tonight I’m gonna dedicate Landslide to our band. So I’m really dedicating it to Fleetwood Mac, and I’m also really dedicating it to you, Lindsey. For all the wonderful things that you have done for me, and teaching me the little guitar pick that is in ‘Landslide’ that I would never have known had it not been for you, and all the really wonderful music that you have brought into my life. And just for being a wonderful friend all these years. And I just want you to know that. Even though we argue, the love is always still there.

“Now I’m gonna to take a couple of really deep yoga breaths while he does an extra long introduction and try to sing it. So this is for Fleetwood Mac, for Lindsey, and most especially for all of you that waited for us so graciously. This is Landslide.”

By the end of the tour, Fleetwood Mac had traveled to 15 cities in 10 different countries. There were many highlights for European fans, but the biggest ones occurred at two of the London shows, where Christine McVie reunited with her former bandmates on the stage. The London audience cheered loudly when McVie appeared during Fleetwood Mac’s encore to perform “Don’t Stop,” her ubiquitous smash hit from Rumours.

Fans who went to the second Amsterdam show have posted clips from nearly the entire concert. A selection of them are posted below.


Second Hand News (courtesy Bram Orsel)

Fleetwood Mac - Second Hand News (live @ Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam 26-10-'13)


The Chain (courtesy of Crikey64)

Fleetwood Mac Ziggo Dome 26-10-2013 The Chain


Dreams (courtesy of Bram Osler)

Fleetwood Mac - Sara (live @ Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam 26-10-'13)


Sad Angel (courtesy of jeffreyvanderaa)

Fleetwood Mac - Sad Angel - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam 26-10-2013


Rhiannon (courtesy of BennoConcert)


Rhiannon (courtesy of remmepem)

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon (Amsterdam Ziggo Dome, October 26 2013)


Rhiannon (courtesy of jeffreyvanderaa)

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam 26-10-2013


Not That Funny (courtesy of BennoConcert)


Tusk (courtesy of veen0478)

Tusk Fleetwood Mac


Tusk (courtesy of BennoConcert)


Sara (courtesy of BennoConcert)


Sara (courtesy of Bram Orsel)

Fleetwood Mac - Sara (live @ Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam 26-10-'13)


Big Love (courtesy of BennoConcert)


Landslide (courtesy of toy beachboy)

Fleetwood Mac Landslide Live


Landslide (courtesy of Crikey64)

Fleetwood Mac Ziggo Dome 26-10-2013 Landslide


Never Going Back Again (courtesy of veen478)

Fleetwood Mac Never going back


Gold Dust Woman (courtesy of Crikey64)

Fleetwood Mac Ziggo Dome 26-10-2013 Gold Dust Woman


I’m So Afraid (courtesy of Crikey64)

Fleetwood Mac Ziggo Dome 26-10-2013 I'm so Afraid


Stand Back (courtesy of Crikey64)

Fleetwood Mac Ziggo Dome 26-10-2013 Gold Dust Woman


Go Your Own Way (courtesy of TheLastPharm)

Fleetwood Mac - Go your own way


World Turning – drum solo (courtesy of Ton Kooremans)

Fleetwood Mac "Drum Solo" Amsterdam Ziggo Dome (October 26, 2013)


Don’t Stop (courtesy of jeffreyvanderaa)

Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop - Ziggo Dome, Amsterdam 26-10-2013


Silver Springs (courtesy of remmepem)

Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs (Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, October 26 2013)


Fan reaction via Twitter

Amsterdam setlist

01. Second Hand News 13. Without You*
02. The Chain 14. Gypsy*
03. Dreams 15. Eyes of the World*
04. Sad Angel 16. Gold Dust Woman
05. Rhiannon 17. I’m So Afraid
06. Not That Funny 18. Stand Back
07. Tusk 19. Go Your Own Way
08. Sisters of the Moon 20. World Turning
09. Sara 21. Don’t Stop
10. Big Love 22. Silver Springs
11. Landslide 23. Say Goodbye*
12. Never Going Back Again *Four songs were removed from the set because of the technical delay.

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14 Nov Entertainment Centre Brisbane
16 Nov Hope Estate Winery Hunter Valley
19 Nov Entertainment Centre Adelaide
22 Nov Perth Arena Perth
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26 Nov Rod Laver Arena Melbourne
27 Nov Rod Laver Arena Melbourne
30 Nov The Hill Winery Geelong
02 Dec Entertainment Centre Brisbane
04 Dec Vector Arena Auckland, NZ
06 Dec Vector Arena Auckland, NZ
07 Dec Vector Arena Auckland, NZ

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Fleetwood Mac

On July 11, 1975, Fleetwood Mac released Fleetwood Mac (a.k.a "The White Album"), Stevie's first album with the group. She contributed the songs "Rhiannon" (Pop #11), "Crystal," and "Landslide."

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