Stevie Nicks Bella Donna
(Herbert W. Worthington III)

REVIEW: Going solo post-Tusk (2016 Deluxe Editions)


While the cynic may naysay at Fleetwood Mac’s busy re-release schedule, Rhino’s reissues certainly earn their deluxe stripes. The remastered Tusk received 42 (!) extra tracks and for this pair of early 80s LPs, Stevie fans are similarly blessed.

Stevie Nicks - Bella Donna Deluxe Edition

1981’s solo debut Bella Donna gets the most love; a crisply remastered album, a disc of alternate versions and a live set. A ragged take on “Edge Of Seventeen” doesn’t quite nail the final version’s airbrushed drama but the Bella Donna solo piano demo is a thing of true beauty. As for the live disc, 14 songs are included, all with an enormodome sheen. Taken from a show at the Fox Wilshere Theatre on December 13th 1981, it’s a shame Rhino haven’t included it in video form (given it was shown on HBO and released as White Wing Dove) and bootleg fans will see the full 16-song set remains unreleased.

Stevie Nicks - The Wild Heart Deluxe Edition1983’s The Wild Heart only gets nine extra tracks, but the accent is on lesser-spotted songs. Highlights include a remastered “Garbo” (a B-side for Stand Back), unreleased fan faves “Sorcerer” and “Dial The Number” plus a belting demo of “Wild Heart.” What next? Almost Inevitably something else–and one day, we’ll hear just what else Prince did for The Wild Heart apart from uncredited synth on “Stand Back” — but if it’s Rhino releasing, it’ll be worth the wait.

Caption: Stevie Nicks: Black Lace’s biggest fan

Stevie Nicks

Bella Donna: Deluxe Edition ***
Atco/Rhino 081227942090 (3CD/LP)

The Wild Heart: Deluxe Edition ***
Atco/Rhino 081227942083 (2CD/LP)

Mike Goldsmith / Record Collector / December 15, 2016

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On July 3, 1983, Stevie Nicks performed live at the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, CT, during The Wild Heart Tour.

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