Stevie Nicks, In Your Dreams

The Divine Stevie Nicks

On February 26, 2000, EMI Plus (Europe) released The Divine Stevie Nicks, a compilation of tracks from The Wild Heart (1983) and The Other Side of the Mirror (1989). Both solo albums had been previously marketed to European audiences.   

Track List

  1. Rooms On Fire
  2. Long Way To Go
  3. Wild Heart
  4. Sable On Blonde
  5. Two Kinds Of Love
  6. Stand Back
  7. Fire Burning
  8. Ooh My Love
  9. Alice
  10. Enchanted
  11. Nothing Ever Changes
  12. Ghosts
  13. If Anyone Falls
  14. Gate And Garden

Stevie Nicks, The Divine Stevie Nicks, 2000