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Stevie and Lindsey Interview on WZLX Radio

1997-fm-danceBoston, MA 100.7 FM
Friday, August 15, 1997

DJ: Lindsey Buckingham Stevie Nicks in Los Angeles this afternoon How you guys doin’.
S (Stevie): Fine, how are you?

L (Lindsey): How are you doing?

DJ: I’m doing fine, thank you. So first we’re going to bring in the dump truck and heap tons of compliments on all of you for an absolutely amazing concert.

S: (laughing) thank you

DJ: You just blew people away with this.

L: oh, great – thanks.

DJ: Um, now you’re either Oscar caliber actors or you actually have put aside all of this biterness after the break up, and the books and the rumours and people talking and back biting and all of that stuff – to get this back together again. So what’s the deal with that?

L: Time…I think. You know, I mean I’ve, it’s been ten years since I departed and um, I think a lot of things ah…got resolved for me. I think everyone else in the group has taken there own journey during those ten years and we’ve all grown up a little bit. And -um- so we’re coming back together with the chemistry and with the intuitive way of responding and none of the baggage.

DJ: Man you sure got rid of that baggage. This concert was ah…I don’t know, I don’t know what people were expecting when they turned on MTV the other night to watch this, but I’ll tell you just far and away I’ve never heard response from fans to the way you look, the way you sound, how everything just seemed to come together like you never left but you got rid of all this stuff in between somehow.

L: Um hmm.

DJ: Did you make a pact of some kind for this tour to make sure you didn’t fall into some of those traps that did you in the first time?

S: A pact?

DJ: Ya, I mean you must have talked about…

S: A promise?

DJ: A promise amoung yourselves, you know?

S: No, you know I don’t think we have to make promises to each other, I think that anything that we do we do it individually for ourselves. You know, as well as I know, that people can’t tell you what to do and what not to do. It has to come from you. So, you know, we’re older, we’re a lot wiser and we’re all better singers, we’re better musicians and we have been given an incredible opportunity to go out and do this one more time so – for me- I’m just in this for the ride. I just want to have a great time. I want this to be like an adventure.

DJ: Boy, you’re in for an adventure too. So you’re coming to Greatwoods here on September 19th.

S: Um hmm.

DJ: And ah, you’re rehearsing around the Hartford area? Is that true?

S: Ya.

DJ: Is that where you’re going to your rehearsals?

S: Um hmm.

DJ: So have you started those yet?

S: Ah, we are in rehearsal now. But we also were in rehearsal for six weeks before the MTV thing that was filmed in the middle of May – and ah, we went back into rehearsal last week so …we will be rehearsed.

DJ: So when you’re walking around Hartford do people know you and hang out and want to shake your hand and get your autograph and stuff.

S: I don’t know I havn’t ever walked around Hartford. (laughing) Laughter

DJ: Well don’t do it after five O’clock cuz nobody’s in the streets – let me tell you.

S: oh, o.k (laughs)

DJ: So why is this CD called The Dance. What’s The Dance?

S: Go ahead Lindsey, it’s Matisse.

L: Ya, we um, were attracted to a painting by Matisse called The Dance that’s just five people holding hands dancing in a circle. Uh, it’s a very well known painting and ah, there was a history to it that was very much analagous to our situation. And it just had, the feeling of the painting very much reflected how we were feeling when we first got into rehearsal. And so o we tried to paraphrase – if you will – that painting in a photograph where we were sort of loosly in a circle of owr own…atop the rubble of (laughs) 20 years of history, I’d say.

DJ: I noticed some of the poses in there were pretty familiar on the ah… a lot of people haven’t seen the cover of The Dance because it’s not out in the stores till Tuesday.

L: Right.

DJ: But some of the poses on the front really are reminisant of Fleetwood Mac and the Rumours album and…

L: Um hmm. That was definately homage to Rumours I would say.

DJ: Ya. What about the tracks that were in the concert that aren’t included on this CD – are those going to show up somewhere?

S: On the long – on the – you know on the one that will be sold that’s the whole concert. Um, they had to – you know- they had to really cut it up, you know, even for the long showing on MTV um because, you know, it was two and a half hours so to come down to 90 minutes – it’s like that’s why – you know, that’s why the only place you can get those extra songs will be on that other thing. We wish that we could have, you know, somehow stuffed them on there but…they don’t fit!

DJ: So maybe we’ll just do Dance Part 2 sometime down the line – I mean Gold

Dust Woman wasn’t on there. You were great on that by the way.

S: Thank you.

DJ: Umm… Now it says on the CD the choices were taken from 3 performances – so you did three performances for this shoot for MTV? Three different concerts?

S: Three nights, ya.

DJ: Wow, full audiences?

S: But this was all Friday night except for maybe one little thing on Say You Love me or something. This was all from Friday night’s concert.

DJ: Wow – and the other shows, how did you get audiences for the shows? MTV do that?

S: Um hmm.

DJ: Wow. So Lindsey I got to know where this phrase came from – this is an amazing new song that’s here – and I know that you talked about how you got – you wanted to get Mick to work on this song with you – Bleed To Love Her.

L: (laughs) Ya. Well at the time – that song actually sort of evolved over about a two year period and when I wrote the chorus in which that appears – Bleed To Love Her – uh, I had just entered into a relationship with someone and I really felt that I, you know, would be willing to bleed in order to make that work. And then of course maybe two years later, uh, things had kind of, um, drifted a little bit and the verses in there are talking about how elusive someone can be, ah, which I guess is the other side of the coin.

DJ: Ya, it’s great. What about the other two new songs that are on there? Are those – were those things that were brought into this reunion or things that when you guys when got together again came up with?

L: Well I had been working on a solo record with Mick anyway and both of the songs there were cut in some form for that – and Stevie’s song and Christine’s um, were – what? – demo’d up?

S: Um hmm.

L: Ya…and those were just the songs of choice.

S: Right. I only came in with one song. I really wanted to do Sweet Girl so that was like the only one I even brought down to rehersal when we started.

DJ: Boy you must have a bunch of them tucked away in that manilla folder too Stevie.

S: I do. And that’s why I was glad – I wrote this song just a week before we started on April 1st so I was really glad that this song really was written for this album and this group of people and it wasn’t something that I went back and pulled out of something else, you know, this really was hand-crafted for Fleetwood Mac.

DJ: Now you’re doing a reasonable amout of dates on this tour? and..

S: 40? In three months?

DJ: 40 – That’s a reasonable number isn’t it? Come on.

S: Reasonable?

DJ: Ya. You’ll be tired after that – you guys’ll be going out to the Islands after that. Are you going to do a studio album do you think?

S: I don’t think there’s any way to know. I think that probably, you know about 35 gigs after like the 35th gig we will probably have a good idea whether or not we want to tour more of the world or whether we want to do another record or what, you know. Cuz we haven’t toured like this in – well, since Lindsey was in the band – since 1983. So, this is a lot of, a lot of concerts in a short period of time. I think we’ll know at the end of this tour what’s… what we want to do.

DJ: We’re not going to let you get away this easy this time, you know.

S: Oh, that’s so sweet.


DJ: Hey, you all look great but I got to ask you something… Christine McVie looks fabulous – what did this woman do? She’s just stunning.

S: Chris takes good care of herself.

DJ: Man, she sure does. Is this a regime – she should be doing one of those exercise videos out there! She just looks great.

S: She’s just naturally thin. She doesn’t even try. (laughs)

DJ: You’re going to play Los Angeles on this tour too – you’re doing the Hollywood Bowl so I imagine there’s going to be some extra guests on stage. Maybe a bunch of guys in weird looking purple uniforms?

L: Oh, yes that could very well happen. We thought about trying to get marching bands for um, you know, any number of cities but the logistics was, just it didn’t really work. But yes, definately for LA.

DJ: God, those guys, you know these college kids would just die to be on stage with you.

L: Well we heard that, you know, when we made the overture to Dr. Bardner who was the guy who was overseeing the marching band back in 1979 when we did it for Tusk originally – we had heard that ah, a lot of the people who were kids back then were calling him up wanting to do it again – and I said, well you think they can still fit into the uniforms? so…(laughter) we got the youngsters.

DJ: Alright, we’re live on the radio here. It’s Lindsey Buckingham Stevie Nicks in Los Angeles. Before I let you go, you’ve done radio ID’s before we could just do one live on the air here and then poeple will all know who you are if you’d do that for us.

S: Sure.

DJ: you know…Hi this is Stevie, Hi this is Lindsey…when we’re in Boston… and it’s 100.7 WZLX. Go for it.

S: OK I’m going to have to write that down.

S: Do you want to say the number of it Linds?

L: (in a weird voice) one hundred point seven

LA DJ: Hey George.

DJ: Hey ya.

LA DJ: It’s Norm Patas (?) You’re through.

DJ: Oh, thanks very much Norm. How you doing buddy?


DJ: Hey you know, old echo’s haunt you no matter where you go man.

LA DJ: We’ve got to go to the next one.

DJ: you’re going to the next one, well…

S: George we have to go.

DJ: OK we’re looking forward to having you here on September 19th and thanks very much for hanging with us this afternoon.

S: Thank you.

L: Pleasure, thanks a lot.

S: Take care.

DJ: Congratulations.

S: Bye-bye.

This transcription was originally published at The Nicks Fix.



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