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Stevie Nicks Discography

This page contains Stevie Nicks‘ solo discography from 1973 to present day. Click or tap an image for more information.

Solo Albums

Stevie Nicks 24 Karat Gold 2014 cover
Stevie Nicks In Your Dreams 2011
Stevie Nicks Trouble in Shangri-La 2001
Stevie Nicks Street Angel
Stevie Nicks The Other Side of the Mirror
Stevie Nicks Rock a Little album cover
Stevie Nicks The Wild Heart
Stevie Nicks Bella Donna
Fleetwood Mac albums
Stevie Nicks Lindsey Buckingham 1973


Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks The Soundstage Sessions 2009


Stevie Nicks
Stevie Nicks Stand Back 1981-2017, 2019
Stevie Nicks Rarities
Crystal Visions: The Very Best of Stevie Nicks (2007)
The Divine Stevie Nicks
2000 – Europe
Stevie Nicks Enchanted Works
Stevie Nicks A Hard Game to Play 1991 EP
1992 – Japan
Stevie Nicks Timespace


Elvis soundtrack
2022 – “Cotton Candy Land”
The Book of Henry, Stevie Nicks, Your Hand I Will Not Let Go
2017 – “Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go”
Hornet's Nest, Stevie Nicks, Soldier's Angel
2014 – “Soldier’s Angel”
Sound City Reel to Real
2013 – “You Can’t Fix This”
School of Rock Motion Picture Soundtrack Stevie Nicks Edge of Seventeen 2003
2003 – “Edge of Seventeen”
Stevie Nicks, Touched by an Angel, Sweet November Motion Picture Soundtrack, 2001
2001 – “Touched by an Angel”
Practical Magic Music from the Motion Picture, If You Ever Did Believe, Crystal, Sheryl Crow, 1998
1998 – “If You Ever Did Believe” and “Crystal”
Music from Party of Five Stevie Nicks Free Fallin' 1996
1996 – “Free Fallin'”
Twister soundtrack Stevie Nicks Lindsey Buckingham Twisted 1996
1996 – “Twisted”
Boys on the Side soundtrack Stevie Nicks Somebody Stand By Me 1995
1995 – “Somebody Stand by Me”
American Anthem soundtrack
1986 – “Battle of the Dragon”
Against All Odds Stevie Nicks Violet and Blue
1983 – “Violet and Blue”
Streets of Fire Stevie Nicks Sorcerer Marilyn Martin 1984
1984 – “Sorcerer”
Fast Times at Ridgemont High Stevie Nicks Sleeping Angel 1982
1982 – “Sleeping Angel”
Heavy Metal Soundtrack Stevie Nicks Blue Lamp 1981
1981 – “Blue Lamp”

Collaborations/Special Releases

Gorillaz Cracker Island album art
2023 – “Oil”
For What It's Worth
2022 – “For What It’s Worth”
Elton John The Lockdown Sessions
2021 – “Stolen Car”
Stevie Nicks Miley Cyrus
2020 – “Edge of Midnight” (Midnight Sky Remix)
Stevie Nicks
2020 – “Show Them the Way”
Neil Finn Find Your Way Back Home
2020 – “Find Your Way Back Home,” duet
Sheryl Crow Stevie Nicks Maren Morris Prove You Wrong 2019
2019 – “Prove You Wrong”
Leann Rimes Borrowed
2018 – “Borrowed,” duet
Lana Del Rey, Lust for Life, Beautiful People Beautiful Problems, 2017
2017 – “Beautiful People Beautiful Problems,” duet
Charles Kelley The Driver Stevie Nicks Southern Accents 2016
2016 – “Southern Accents,” duet
Don Henley Cass County Stevie Nicks It Don't Matter to the Sun, 2015
2015 – “It Don’t Matter to the Sun,” duet
Dave Koz Collaborations 2015
2015 – “Let Me Count the Ways, guest vocals”
Lady Antebellum Golden feat. Stevie Nicks single cover, 2014
2014 – “Golden, duet”
Buddy Holly, Stevie Nicks, Not Fade Away, 2011
2011 – “Not Fade Away”
Vanessa Carlton Heroes and Thieves Stevie Nicks The One 2007
2007 – “The One,” guest vocals
Lindsey Buckingham Under the Skin
2006 – “Say Goodbye” (PBS Soundstage) guest vocals
Deep Dish Dreams featuring Stevie Nicks 2005
2005 – “Dreams”
Chris Isaak Stevie Nicks Santa Claus Is Coming to Town Christmas 2004
2004 – “Santa Claus Is Coming to Town,” duet

VH1 Divas Las Vegas 2002

Sheryl Crow Stevie Nicks C'mon C'mon You're Not the One 2002
2002 – “C’mon, C’mon,” “Diamond Road,” and “You’re Not the One,” guest vocals
A Very Special Christmas 5 Stevie Nicks Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Silent Night 2001
2001 – “Silent Night” with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
VH1 Storytellers Stevie Nicks Sheryl Crow, Strong Enough, Edge of Seventeen, 2000
2000 – “Edge of Seventeen” and “Strong Enough,” duet
Sheryl Crow Live from Central Park
1999 – “Gold Dust Woman” and “Tombstone Blues,” backup
Jesse Camp Jesse & the 8th Street Kidz Stevie Nicks Saviour 1999
1999 – “Saviour,” guest vocals
Dave Koz Off the Beaten Path Stevie Nicks Let Me Count the Ways 1996
1996 – “Let Me Count the Ways,” guest vocals
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers Playback Stevie Nicks The Apartment Song 1995
1995 – “The Apartment Song,” guest vocals
For the Love of Harry Everybody Sings Nilssen Lay Down Your Arms Ringo Starr Stevie Nicks 1995
1995 – “Lay Down Your Arms,” guest vocals
Robin Zander Stevie Nicks Secret 1993
1993 – “Secret,” guest vocals
Rick Vito King of Hearts Stevie Nicks Desiree 1992
1992 – “Desiree,” duet and “Intuition,” guest vocals
BB King King of the Blues 1989 Stevie Nicks Can't Get Enough
1989 – “Can’t Get Enough,” guest vocals
A Very Special Christmas
1987 – “Silent Night”
Tom Petty Pack up The Plantation Live
1985 – “Needles and Pins” & “Insider”
Sandy Stewart Cat Dancer Stevie Nicks Get My Way I Pretend 1984
1984 – “I Pretend,” duet and “Cat Dancers” and “Get My Way,” guest vocals
Robbie Patton Orders from Headquarters Stevie Nicks Smiling Islands 1982
1982 – “Smiling Islands,” duet
Tom Petty Hard Promises Stevie Nicks Insider You Can Still Change Your Mind 1981
1981 – “Insider,” duet and YYou Can Still Change Your Mind,” guest vocals
Louise Goffin Stevie Nicks If You Ever Did Believe 1981
1981 – “If You Ever Did Believe,” guest vocals
Bob Welch and Friends, Live from the Roxy
1981 – “Gold Dust Woman,” and “Ebony Eyes,” and “Rattlesnake Shake,” guest vocals (reissued on CD 2004 & 2006)
Bob Welch Three Hearts Stevie Nicks Devil Wind 1979
1979 – “Devil Wind,” guest vocals
John Stewart Bombs Away Dream Babies Stevie Nicks Gold Midnight Wind 1979
1979 – “Gold,” “Lost Her in the Sun,” and “Midnight Wind,” guest vocals
Todd Rundgren Back to the Bars Stevie Nicks Hello It's Me 1978
1978 – “Hello It’s Me,” guest vocals
Kenny Loggins Nightwatch Stevie Nicks Whenever I Call You Friend 1978
1978 – “Whenever I Call You Friend,” duet
Walter Egan Not Shy Magnet and Steel
1978 – “Magnet and Steel,” “Finally Found a Girlfriend,” “The Blonde in the Blue T-Bird,” “Star in the Dust,” and “Just the Wanting,” guest vocals
Dane Donohue Stevie Nicks Casablanca 1978
1978 – “Casablanca, Woman” guest vocals
Walter Egan Fundamental Roll Stevie Nicks Lindsey Buckingham 1977
1977 – “Only the Lucky, “Won’t You Say You Will,” “Feel So Good,” “Yes I Guess I Am,” “When I Get My Wheels,” and “Tunnel of Love,” guest vocals
Tom Snow Stevie Nicks Hurry Boy 1976
1976 – “Hurry Boy, Rosanna” guest vocals
Warren Zevon Stevie Nicks Mohammed’s Radio 1976
1976 – “Mohammed’s Radio,” guest vocals


The following artists have connections to Stevie Nicks. Their songs may feature uncredited guest vocals from Stevie Nicks.

Maria Vidal

Bob Dylan Band of the Hand
1986 – “Band of the Hand,” guest vocals
Separate Lives
1985 – “Separate Lives,” guest vocals
Curtis Bros.
(“She Gives Me Her Love,” backup vocals)
Waddy Wachtel You're The One
“You’re the One,” Backup vocals