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Here is a list of (almost) every song that Stevie Nicks has recorded and released since 1973. It includes b-sides, remixes, alternate versions, demos/early takes, covers, guest performances, and songs recorded with Fleetwood Mac.

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A - Affairs of the Heart, After the Glitter Fades, Alice...

Affairs of the Heart (Fleetwood Mac) (1990)

After the Glitter Fades (1981)

After the Glitter Fades (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Alice (1989)

All the Beautiful Worlds (2014)

All the Beautiful Worlds (Unreleased Version) (2016)

Angel (Fleetwood Mac) (1979)

Angel (Alternate Mix) (Fleetwood Mac) (1992)

Angel (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Annabel Lee (2011)

Are You Mine (Demo) (2016)

As Long As You Follow (1988)

At Last (1999)

B - Battle of the Dragon, Beautiful Child, Beauty and the Beast...

Battle of the Dragon (1985)

Battle of the Dragon (Chris Lord-Alge Remix) (1991)

Beautiful Child (Fleetwood Mac) (1979)

Beautiful Child (Alternate Mix) (Fleetwood Mac) (1992)

Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (Lana Del Rey) (2017)

Beauty and the Beast (1983)

Beauty and the Beast (Live at Red Rocks) (1987)

Beauty and the Beast (2009)

Behind the Mask (Fleetwood Mac) (1990)

Bella Donna (1981)

Bella Donna (Demo) (2016)

Bella Donna (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Belle Fleur (2014)

Big Love (Fleetwood Mac) (Extended Remix) (1987)

Big Love (Fleetwood Mac) (House On The Hill Dub) (1987)

Big Love (Fleetwood Mac) (Piano Dub) (1987)

Bleed to Love Her (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

The Blonde in the T-Bird (Walter Egan) (1978)

Blue Denim (1994)

Blue Lamp (1981)

Blue Letter (1975)

Blue Letter (Live in Los Angeles) (Fleetwood Mac) (2016)

Blue Water (with Lady Antebellum) (2014)

Bombay Sapphires (2001)

Book of Love (Fleetwood Mac) (1982)

Book of Miracles (Instrumental) (Fleetwood Mac) (1987) (2017)

Borrowed (Re-Imagined) (with Leann Rimes) (2018)

Brown Eyes (Fleetwood Mac) (1979)

C - Candlebright, Carousel, Cathouse Blues...

Call Me (Blondie) (1978)

Can’t Get Enough (B.B. King) (1988)

Candlebright (2001)

Carousel (with Vanessa Carlton) (2014)

Casablanca (Dane Donohue) (1978)

Cat Dancers (Sandy Stewart) (1983)

Cathouse Blues (2014)

Cheaper Than Free (2011)

Circle Dance (2009)

C’mon C’mon (Sheryl Crow) (2002)

Cotton Candy Land (Stevie Nicks & Chris Isaak) (2022)

Crash into Me (2009)

Cry Wolf (1989)

Crying in the Night (Buckingham Nicks) (1973)

Crystal (Buckingham Nicks/Fleetwood Mac) (1973/1975/1998)

D - The Dealer, Desert Angel, Destiny...

The Dealer (2014)

The Dealer (Unreleased Version) (2016)

Desert Angel (1991)

Desireé (Rick Vito) (1992)

Destiny (1994)

Destiny Rules (Fleetwood Mac) (2003)

Devil Wind (Bob Welch) (1979)

Dial The Number (Unreleased Version) (2016)

Docklands (1994)

Doing the Best I Can (Escape from Berlin) (1989)

Don’t Come Around Here No More (Tom Petty) (1985)

Don’t Stop (Fleetwood Mac) (1977)

Don’t Stop (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Dreams (Fleetwood Mac) (1977)

Dreams (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1980)

Dreams (Live) (1987)

Dreams (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Dreams (Outtake) (2004)

Dreams (Deep Dish) (2005)

Dreams (Take 2) (Fleetwood Mac) (2013)

Dreams (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

E - Edge of Seventeen, Enchanted, Every Day...

Edge of Seventeen (Just Like the White Winged Dove) (1981)

Edge of Seventeen (Live at Red Rocks) (1987)

Edge of Seventeen (Timespace Remix) (1991)

Edge of Seventeen (Live with The Melbourne Symphony 2006) (2007)

Edge of Seventeen (Early Take) (2016)

Edge of Seventeen (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Enchanted (1983)

Every Day (2001)

Everybody Finds Out (Fleetwood Mac) (2003)

Everybody Loves You (2011)

Everywhere (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

F - Fall from the Grace, Fire Burning, Fireflies...

Face to Face (Dave Stewart, Serhii Babkin, and Boris Grebenshikov feat. Stevie Nicks) (2022)

Fall from Grace (2001)

Fall from Grace (2009)

Family Man (1987)

Family Man (Extended Vocal Remix) (Fleetwood Mac) (1987)

Find Your Way Back Home (Neil Finn) (2020)

Fire Burning (1989)

Fireflies (Fleetwood Mac) (1980)

For What It’s Worth (Official Music Video) (2011)

For What It’s Worth (Buffalo Springfield cover) (2022)

Freedom (Fleetwood Mac) (1990)

Free Fallin‘ (1996)

Frozen Love (Buckingham Nicks) (1973)

Funny Kind of Love (Fritz/unrecorded) (1969)

G - Garbo, Gate and Garden, Ghosts...

Garbo (1983) (2016)

Gate and Garden (1983)

Get My Way (Sandy Stewart) (1983)

Ghosts (1989)

Ghosts Are Gone (2011)

Go Your Own Way (Fleetwood Mac) (1977)

Go Your Own Way (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Go Your Own Way (Live/Edit) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

God’s Garden (1994)

Gold (John Stewart) (1979)

Gold and Braid (Live/Remix) (1998)

Gold and Braid (Unreleased Version) (2016)

Gold and Braid (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Gold Dust Woman (Fleetwood Mac) (1977)

Gold Dust Woman (Alternate Mix) (Fleetwood Mac) (1992)

Gold Dust Woman (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Gold Dust Woman (Early Demo) (2004)

Gold Dust Woman (#1) (Fleetwood Mac) (2004)

Gold Dust Woman (Early Take) (Fleetwood Mac) (2013)

Gold Dust Woman (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Golden (Lady Antebellum) (2014)

Goodbye Baby (Fleetwood Mac) (2003)

Greta (1994)

Gypsy (Fleetwood Mac) (1982)

Gypsy (Single Edit) (Fleetwood Mac) (1982)

Gypsy (Alternate Unreleased Version) (Fleetwood Mac) (1992)

Gypsy (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Gypsy (Early Version) (Fleetwood Mac) (2016)

Gypsy (Video Version) (Fleetwood Mac) (2016)

Gypsy (5.1 Surround Sound Version) (Fleetwood Mac) (2016)

Gypsy (theme song from Gypsy, Netflix TV series) (2017)

H - Hard Advice, Has Anyone Ever Written...

Hard Advice (2014)

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You (1985)

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You (Live at Red Rocks) (1987)

Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You (Timespace Remix) (1991)

Heart of Stone (Fleetwood Mac) (1992)

Hello It’s Me (Todd Rungren) (1978)

Hold Me (Early Version) (Fleetwood Mac) (2016)

Honey Hi (Fleetwood Mac) (1979)

How Still My Love (1981)

How Still My Love (Live) (2009)

How Still My Love (Alternate Version) (2016)

How Still My Love (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

The Highwayman (1981)

Hurry Boy (Tom Snow) (1976)

I - I Can't Wait, I Don't Care, I Miss You...

I Can’t Wait (1985)

I Can’t Wait (Extended Rock Mix) (1986)

I Don’t Care (2014)

I Don’t Want to Know (Fleetwood Mac) (1977)

I Don’t Want to Know (Early Take) (2013)

I Miss You (2001)

I Need to Know (Live in Los Angeles) (1981)

I Need to Know (Live at Red Rocks 1986) (1987)

I Need to Know (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

I Pretend (Sandy Stewart) (1983)

I Sing for the Things (1985)

I Sing for The Things (Unreleased Version) (2016)

I Still Miss Someone (Blue Eyes) (1989)

I Will Run to You (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) (1983)

I’m So Afraid (Fleetwood Mac) (1975)

I’m So Afraid (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

I’m So Afraid (Live/Edit) (Fleetwood Mac) (2002)

If Anyone Falls (1983)

If Anyone Falls (Timespace Remix) (1991)

If Anyone Fall in Love (2009)

If I Were You (1985)

If You Ever Did Believe (Louise Goffin) (1981)

If You Ever Did Believe (1998)

If You Were My Love (2014)

If You Were My Love (Unreleased Version) (2016)

If You Were My Love (Outtake) (Fleetwood Mac) (2016)

Illume (9-11) (Fleetwood Mac) (2003)

Imperial Hotel (1985)

In the Back of My Mind (Fleetwood Mac) (1990)

In Your Dreams (2011)

Insider (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) (1980)

Inspiration (1994)

Intuition (Rick Vito) (1992)

It Don’t Matter to the Sun (Don Henley) (2015)

Italian Summer (2011)

It’s Late (1998)

It’s Only Love (2001)

J - Jane, Juliet, Just Like a Woman...

Jane (1994)

Juliet (1989)

Juliet (Run-Through) (Fleetwood Mac) (2017)

Just Like a Woman (1994)

Just the Waiting (Walter Egan) (1978)

K - Kick It, Kind of Woman

Kick It (1994)

Kind of Woman (1981)

L - Lady, Landslide, Leather and Lace...

Lady (Official Lyric Video) (2014)

Lady (Official Video) (2014)

Landslide (Fleetwood Mac) (1975)

Landslide (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Landslide (Remix) (Fleetwood Mac) (1998)

Landslide (String Mix) (Fleetwood Mac) (1998)

Landslide (Analog Mix) (Fleetwood Mac) (1998)

Landslide (Live with The Melbourne Symphony 2006) (2007)

Landslide (2009)

Lay Down Your Arms (Ringo Starr) (1995)

Leather and Lace (with Don Henley) (1981)

Leather and Lace (with Don Henley) (Timespace Remix 1991)

Leather And Lace (with Don Henley) (Alternate Version) (2016)

Leather and Lace (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Let Me Count the Ways (Dave Koz feat. Stevie Nicks) (1996)

Let Me Down Easy (Roger Daltrey) (1985)

Listen to the Rain (1994)

Little Lies (Fleetwood Mac) (1987)

Little Lies (Extended Version/12″ Mix) (Fleetwood Mac) (1987)

Little Lies (Dub) (Fleetwood Mac) (1987)

Lola (Buckingham Nicks) (1973)

Long Distance Winner (Buckingham Nicks) (1973)

Long Way to Go (1989)

Long Way to Go (Remix) (1989)

Love Changes (2001)

Love in Store (Fleetwood Mac) (1982)

Love Is (2001)

Love Is Dangerous (Fleetwood Mac) (1990)

Love Is Like a River (1994)

Love’s a Hard Game to Play (1991)

M - Mabel Normand, Maybe Love, Mirror Mirror...

Mabel Normand (2014)

Magnet and Steel (Walter Egan) (1978)

Maybe Love Will Change Your Mind (1994)

Midnight Sky/Edge of Midnight feat. Stevie Nicks (Miley Cyrus) (2020)

Midnight Wind (John Stewart) (1979)

Mirror Mirror (1985, released 1991)

Mohammed’s Radio (Warren Zevon) (1976)

Monday Morning (Fleetwood Mac) (1975)

Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream) (2011)

My Heart (2011)

My Little Demon (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

N - New Orleans, Nightbird, The Nightmare...

Needles and Pins (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) (1985)

Never Forget (1979)

New Orleans (2011)

Nightbird (with Sandy Stewart) (1983)

The Nightmare (1985)

No Questions Asked (1988)

No Spoken Word (1985)

No Spoken Word (Live at Red Rocks) (1987)

Not Fade Away (2011)

Not Make Believe (Fleetwood Mac) (2003)

Nothing Ever Changes (1983)

O - One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star, Ooh My Love...

Oh Daddy (Fleetwood Mac) (1977)

Oil (Gorillaz feat. Stevie Nicks) (2023)

One More Big Time Rock and Roll Star (1985)

One More Night (Fleetwood Mac) (1980)

Only Over You (Fleetwood Mac) (1982)

Ooh My Love (1989)

Ooh My Love (Fleetwood Mac) (2017)

Outside the Rain (1981)

Outside the Rain (Live) (1987)

Outside the Rain (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Over and Over (Fleetwood Mac) (1979)

Over My Head (Fleetwood Mac) (1975)

P - Paper Doll, Planet of the Universe...

Paper Doll (Fleetwood Mac) (1992)

Planets of the Universe (2001)

Planets Of The Universe (Extended Album Version) (2001)

Planets Of The Universe (Ilicit Club Mix) (2001)

Planets Of The Universe (Illicit Vocal Dub) (2001)

Planets Of The Universe (Illicit Vocal Dub Instrumental) (2001)

Planets Of The Universe (Tracy Young Club Mix) (2001)

Planets Of The Universe (Tracy Young Universal Dub) (2001)

Planets of the Universe (Demo) (2004)

Prove You Wrong (Sheryl Crow & Maren Morris) (2019)

Purple Rain (Prince and the Revolution) (1984)

No songs
R - Races Are Run Real Tears, Reconsider Me...

Races Are Run (Buckingham Nicks) (1973)

Real Tears (1989)

Reconsider Me (1998)

Remedy feat. Stevie Nicks (2021) (Maroon 5)

Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac) (1975)

Rhiannon (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1980)

Rhiannon (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Rhiannon (Piano Version) (1998)

Rhiannon (Live) (2007)

Rhiannon (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Rock a Little (1985)

Rock and Roll (Live) (2007)

Rooms on Fire (1989)

Rooms on Fire (Remix) (1989)

Rooms on Fire (Timespace Remix) (1991)

Rosanna (Tom Snow) (1976)

Rose Garden (1994)

Running Through the Garden (Fleetwood Mac) (2013)

S - Sable on Blond, Sara, Secret Love...

Sable on Blond (1983)

Sable on Blond (Alternate Version) (2016)

Sad Angel (Fleetwood Mac) (2013)

Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (Chris Isaak) (2004)

Sara (Fleetwood Mac) (1979)

Sara (Live in St. Louis) (1980)

Sara (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Sara (2009)

Save Me (Fleetwood Mac) (1990)

Save Me (Richard Marx and Linda Thompson feat. Stevie Nicks) (2021)

Saviour (Jesse Camp) (1999)

Say You Love Me (Fleetwood Mac) (1975)

Say You Love Me (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Say You Love Me (Live – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame) (Fleetwood Mac) (1998)

Say You Will (Fleetwood Mac) (2003)

Second Hand News (Fleetwood Mac) (1977)

Secret (Robin Zander) (1993)

Secret Love (2011)

Seven Wonders (Fleetwood Mac) (1987)

Seven Wonders (Dub) (Fleetwood Mac) (1987) (2017)

Seven Wonders (Extended Remix) (Fleetwood Mac) (1987) (2017)

Seven Wonders (Early Version) (Fleetwood Mac) (2017)

She Loves Him Still (2014)

Show Them the Way (2020)

Silent Night (1987)

Silent Night (2001)

Silver Girl (Fleetwood Mac) (2003)

Silver Springs (Fleetwood Mac) (1977)

Silver Springs (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Silver Springs (Live/Edit) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Silver Springs (Outtake) (Fleetwood Mac) (2004)

Silver Springs (Early Take) (Fleetwood Mac) (2013)

Sister Honey (1985)

Sisters of the Moon (Fleetwood Mac) (1979)

Skies the Limit (Fleetwood Mac) (1990)

Sleeping Angel (1982)

Sleeping Angel (Timespace Remix) (1991)

Sleeping Angel (Timespace Remix/Fade) (1991)

Sleeping Angel (Alternate Version) (2016)

Smile at You (Fleetwood Mac) (2003)

Smile at You (Outtake) (Fleetwood Mac) (2016)

Smiling Islands (Robbie Patton) (1982)

Soldier’s Angel (2011)

Some Become Strangers (1985)

Somebody Stand By Me (1995)

Sometimes It’s a Bitch (1991)

Sorcerer (Marilyn Martin) (1984)

Sorcerer (2001)

Sorcerer (Live) (2009)

Sorcerer (Unreleased Version) (2016)

Southern Accents (Charles Kelley) (2016)

Stand Back (1983)

Stand Back (Live at Red Rocks) (1987)

Stand Back (Timespace Remix 1991)

Stand Back (Live in San Francisco, 1987) (1992)

Stand Back (Ralphi’s Beefy-Retro Mix) (2007)

Stand Back (Ralphi’s Beefy-Retro Edit) (2007)

Stand Back (Morgan Page Vox) (2007)

Stand Back (Morgan Page Dub) (2007)

Stand Back (Tracy Takes You Home Mix) (2007)

Stand Back (Tracy Takes You Home Dub) (2007)

Stand Back (Tracy Takes You Home Mixshow) (2007)

Stand Back (2009)

Stolen Car (Elton John and Stevie Nicks) (2021)

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) (1981)

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (Timespace Remix) (with Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) (1991)

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (Live in Los Angeles 1981) (2016)

Storms (Fleetwood Mac) (1979)

Starshine (2014)

Straight Back (Original Version) (Fleetwood Mac) (1982)

Straight Back (Fleetwood Mac) (1982)

Straight Back (5.1 Surround Sound Version) (Fleetwood Mac) (2016)

Street Angel (1994)

Sugar Daddy (Fleetwood Mac) (1975)

Sweet Girl (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Sweet Girl (Demo) (1998)

T - 24 Karat Gold, Talk to Me, That Made Me Stronger...

24 Karat Gold (2014)

Talk to Me (1985)

Talk to Me (Live at Red Rocks) (1987)

Temporary One (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

That Made Me Stronger (2001)

That’s Alright (Fleetwood Mac) (1982)

That’s Alright (Alternate Take) (Fleetwood Mac) (2016)

That’s Alright (5.1 Surround Sound Version) (Fleetwood Mac) (2016)

The Chain (Fleetwood Mac) (1977)

The Chain (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

The Farmer’s Daughter (1980)

The One (Vanessa Carlton) (2007)

The Second Time (Fleetwood Mac) (1990)

These Dreams (Heart) (1986)

Think About It (1981)

Think About It (Outtake) (2004)

Think About It (Alternate Version) (2016)

Thousand Days (1994/1998/2023)

Thrown Down (Fleetwood Mac) (2003)

Too Far from Texas (with Natalie Maines) (2001)

Touched by an Angel (2001)

Trouble in Shangri-La (2001)

Tusk (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

Twisted (with Lindsey Buckingham) (1996)

Twisted (2014)

Two Kinds of Love (duet with Bruce Hornsby) (1989)

U - Unconditional Love
V - Violet and Blue
Violet and Blue (1984)
W - Watch Chain, Welcome to the Room...Sara...

Warm Ways (Fleetwood Mac) (1975)

Watch Chain (2014)

Welcome to the Room…Sara (Fleetwood Mac) (1987)

What Has Rock And Roll Ever Done For You (feat. Stevie Nicks & special guest Waddy Wachtel) (2023)

When I Get My Wheels (Walter Egan) (1977)

When I See You Again (Fleetwood Mac) (1987)

When the Sun Goes Down (Fleetwood Mac) (1990)

Whenever I Call You Friend (Kenny Loggins) (1978)

Where Was I (Fritz/unrecorded) (1969)

Whole Lotta Trouble (1989)

Whole Lotta Trouble (Tom Lord-Alge Remix) (1989)

Wide Sargasso Sea (2011)

Wild Heart (1983)

Wild Heart (Session) (2016)

Without a Leg to Stand On (Buckingham Nicks) (1973)

Without You (Fleetwood Mac) (2013)

Woman (Dane Donohue) (1978)

No songs
Y - You Can't Fix This, You May Be the One...

You Can Still Change Your Mind (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers) (1981)

You Can’t Fix This (2013)

You Make Loving Fun (Fleetwood Mac) (1977)

You Make Loving Fun (Live) (Fleetwood Mac) (1997)

You May Be the One (2011)

Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go (2017)

You’re Not the One (Sheryl Crow) (2002)

No songs