Rock giants call a five-star tune

By Nui Te Koha
Herald Sun (AU)
Tuesday, February 17, 2004

FLEETWOOD Mac wants a five-star visit with all the trimmings after flying into Australia yesterday.

The Mac, one of the most successful music acts ever, has upped the ante of luxury living while on tour. Promoters have agreed to Mac demands for their own 737 jet, a limousine for each band member and antique furniture flown in from a Bel Air mansion.

Mac front woman Stevie Nicks stayed in Hawaii for two weeks to acclimatise to Pacific time zones. “I have to stop for a minute and thank all the gods of rock and roll that it can be done, one more time, in this fashion,” Nicks told the Herald Sun.

“As I sit on that plane and watch those limousines come out on to the airfield, I ask: ‘Oh my God, where is (Led Zeppelin’s) Robert Plant, where is Jimmy Page?

“It’s like the old days. It’s huge. It’s as close to the 1970s as you can get.

“It’s very fun and it’s very dramatic.”

Nicks, 55, has weathered alcoholism and addictions to cocaine and anti-depressants.

She says the new, sober Mac has earned its five-star lifestyle.

Lindsey Buckingham (guitar), John McVie (bass) and Mick Fleetwood (drums) bring their own furniture on tour.

Nicks insists on taking her furniture from a Bel Air mansion the band rented while recording their latest album, Say You Will.

“I lived with that furniture for almost a year, so it feels like home. When I walk into my dressing room, I want to be cosy,” Nick said.

Other Mac dressing rooms are personally decorated by Buckingham’s niece.

Nicks, an inspiration to two generations of female performers, takes her role seriously.

She is flattered to receive calls for advice from Sheryl Crow, Michelle Branch and Natalie Maines of the Dixie Chicks.

“I have a very strong ego and I’m very possessive of my songs, my performance, and what I’ve done.”

She still conveys sexuality and sensuality in her music.

“But you need to retain some mystery,” Nicks said. “I think, with a lot of music today, the mystery is gone.

“And if there is no mystery, you aren’t even sexy. If people can see it all, why should they even bother to ask you out?

“Women being raunchy may be great for MTV, but they’re certainly not getting an invite home to see mum.”

Fleetwood Mac’s latest 2 1/2 hour show received rave reviews in the US and UK.

Fleetwood Mac performs at Rod Laver Arena on February 23 and 24.

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