SINGLE PICK: Santa Claus Is Coming to Town

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Santa Claus Is Coming to Town (2:30)
PRODUCER: Chris Isaak
WRITERS: E Coots, H. Gillespie
PUBLISHERS: EMI Feist Catalog; Gillespie
Haven Music (ASCAP)
Wicked Game/Reprise 101453 (CD promo)

CONTRIBUTORS: Jim Bessman, Leila Cobo, Deborah Evans Price, Rashaun Hall, Sarah Han, Katy Kroll, Gall Mitchell, Michael Paoletta, Wayne Robins, Chuck Taylor, Christa L. Titus, Philip van Vleck, Christopher Walsh.  ESSENTIALS: Releases deemed by the review editors to deserve spec attention on the basis of musical merit and/or Billboard chart potential. VITAL REISSUES: Rereleased albums of special artistic, archival and commercial interest and outstanding collections of works by one or more artists. PICKS (**): New releases predicted to hit the top half of the chart in the corresponding format. CRITICS’ CHOICES (*): New releases, regardless of chart potential, highly recommended because of their musical merit. All albums commercially available in the United States are eligible. Send album review copies and singles review copies to Michael Paoletta (Billboard, 770 Broadway, 6th floor, New York, N.Y. 10003) or to the writers in the appropriate bureaus.

Michael Paoletta (Editor) / Billboard / 11/20/2004

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