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Dreams on new mix CDs

Renaissance Presents 3D, Dreams, Deep Dish, AxwellDeep Dish’s cover of “Dreams” featuring Stevie Nicks (released July 2005) has made its way to various mix compilations.

The Axwell remix of the song appears on the mix CD Renaissance Presents 3D, a three-disc set released in Europe on August 8.

Stevie Nicks, Dreams, Deep Dish, Club Generation Summer 2006The “Dreams’ cover can also be found on Club Generation: Summer 2006, which was released earlier this year on June 20.

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If I'm not vulnerable, I won't ever wrote any more songs about vulnerability, and then what am I doing? I need to help people. I need make people believe that it's all right to be vulnerable and to be a little naive, and to be still sweet and kind and good.

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