Stevie performs for Re/Max agents at Vegas corporate show

“Stand Back” & “Leather and Lace” (courtesy of Likekevb)

“Stand Back” (courtesy of Tanya Diaz)

“Landslide” (courtesy of Shannon Bryce)

“Edge of Seventeen” – short clip (courtesy of Matthew Wisniewski)

On Thursday, February 28, Stevie performed a private show at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas for Re/Max, the real estate experts! She was in fine form and looking stunning as usual. She apparently humored the crowd by telling a few real estate jokes. In another funny moment, she told the audience that she had been wearing the original and durable “Stand Back” cape from 1983. “Girls, you get what you pay for — good fabric, good price, lasts forever,” she informed.

Later in the show, Stevie explained that she knew “Landslide” would become an important song in her career, “the foundation of everything that [she’s] done.” She went to dedicate the song to aspiring songwriters, encouraging them to believe in themselves and their craft because “it could be that song.”

Special thanks to Mike for the review and set list, Kev B, Shannon Bryce, Tanya Diaz, and Matthew Wisniewski for making clips of the show available.

Las Vegas corporate show set list:

  1. Rock And Roll
  2. Enchanted
  3. Secret Love
  4. Dreams
  5. Moonlight
  6. Gold Dust Woman
  7. Soldier’s Angel
  8. Stand Back
  9. Leather and Lace (with Steve Real)
  10. Rhiannon
  11. Landslide
    (Band Intro)
  12. Edge of Seventeen
  13. Love Is

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