Fleetwood Mac, 2013
(Jeanie Pressler)
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FAN REVIEW: The chain appears stronger, tighter than ever

(Jeanie Pressler)

As I took my seat at the American Airline Center in Dallas last night, “Stephanie,” the beautiful instrumental written by Lindsey Buckingham in 1973 played overhead and, at that very moment, my emotions overwhelmed me and my eyes began to tear up. Not only did I have the privilege of seeing one of the greatest bands ever born out of the late ’60s and early ’70s, I also had the privilege of exposing my two teenage daughters to the mystical magic that is Fleetwood Mac.

In 1977, when Fleetwood Mac released their multi-platinum album Rumours, I was far too young to appreciate music. As I entered my mid-20s, I had acquired a passion for music of the 1970s and fell in love with the Eagles, Rush, Led Zeppelin, but most importantly, Fleetwood Mac. Their music had become a part of me. It was then that I realized that the passionate, heartfelt music of Fleetwood Mac captured the very being of my soul and I became entranced. To this day, Fleetwood Mac’s emotional intensity, infectious melodies, and passionate poetry seize my heart and envelope me within their melodic and lyrical magic. As these entrancing artists combine their vocal harmonies and fantastical songwriting with their emotionally-driven revelations of love, loss, heartbreak and turmoil, as they did last night, one of the most definitive, classic bands prove, yet again, exactly why they have retained the status of rock ‘n’ roll royalty for almost 40 years.

For over two hours, Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Stevie Nicks, and Lindsey Buckingham took us on a sentimental voyage through Fleetwood Mac’s deep vault of world-turning hits such as “Second Hand News,” “The Chain,” “Gold Dust Woman,” “Tusk,” “Sara,” “I’m So Afraid,” and “Sister of the Moon.” Faithful, supporting musicians, Brett Tuggle and Neale Heywood, along with long-time background singers, Lori Perry Nicks and Sharon Celani, provided tremendous performances that offered the balance needed to complement the classic Fleetwood Mac sound. Buckingham and Nicks further gave a glimpse into the new EP with “Sad Angel,” an upbeat song that showcased Buckingham’s surreal finger-picking, and touched us with a tender reflection upon “Without You,” a sweet, heartfelt demo written by Nicks (for Buckingham) back during the Buckingham-Nicks days.

(Jeanie Pressler)

As the lights dimmed at 8:20 pm, the deafening roar of the crowd reverberated against the walls as the familiar guitar riff of “Second Hand News” roared from the speakers. From that moment on, the band’s charisma and electricity was undeniable. Nicks’ cast her endless spell onto the crowd with her mystical twirling and enchanting, poignant vocals, Buckingham’s mesmerized with his intense finger-picking and explosive vocals, McVie’s deep, soulful bass lines stimulated a trembling from within, and Fleetwood’s insanely feverish and primal drum rolls left the crowd in absolute wonder.

Fleetwood Mac’s music has spanned across four decades and despite all the in-fighting, break-ups, make-ups, and resulting bitterness, the chain has yet to be broken. In fact, last night’s performance is evidence that the chain appears stronger…tighter… than ever. Their connection…their love of the music…their love of performing…their emotion…remains timeless and are what keeps them together…and what brings them back on tour. Fleetwood Mac is hardly “second hand news” and as Buckingham stated last night: “there are many chapters of Fleetwood Mac yet to be discovered.”

Submitted by Jeanie Kropat Pressler

Fleetwood Mac
American Airlines Center
Dallas, Texas
June 4, 2013



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