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CONCERT VIDEOS: Christine McVie joins Fleetwood Mac in London

The legendary keyboardist, singer-songwriter reunites with Fleetwood Mac for ‘Don’t Stop,’ fans on Twitter break the news to the world.

On Wednesday, Fleetwood Mac performed in concert for the second consecutive night at London’s O2 Arena. The sold-out, high-profile show featured celebrities in the audience, such as model Kate Moss, and the return to the stage of beloved, former Mac member Christine McVie. The keyboardist and singer-songwriter, who left Fleetwood Mac in 1998, played with the band during the first encore for one song, “Don’t Stop,” the smash hit that McVie wrote for Rumours. When McVie appeared on the stage, the nearly-15,000 attendees cheered with sheer joy and admiration, as if they had been reunited with an estranged loved one. Similarly, Twitter erupted with excitement as fans quickly tweeted about McVie’s surprise appearance.

Christine McVie will perform again with Fleetwood Mac at Friday night’s third and final show at London’s O2 Arena. McVie will perform again with Fleetwood Mac at Friday night’s concert.

The band also welcomed the return of founding Fleetwood Mac member, blues guitarist Peter Green, who was in the audience at tonight’s show. Stevie dedicated “Landslide” to Green, which earned crowd approval.

Videos from the show, additional concert photography, links to media articles, and the live tweeting log appear below.

Watch ‘Don’t Stop’ with Christine McVie

Sideviews (courtesy of antronoid & cdparky1)

Frontview (courtesy of Alistair Tant, ribbled, & Michelle van der Heide)

Stage right view (courtesy of steveatgigs & Tim Ricketts)

Second Hand News (courtesy of cdparky1)

The Chain – partial (courtesy of Tim Ricketts)

Dreams (courtesy of Michelle van der Heide)

Dreams (courtesy of stegair)

Rhiannon (courtesy of Michelle van der Heide)

Not That Funny – partial (courtesy of Tim Ricketts)

Tusk (courtesy of steveatgigs)

Sisters of the Moon (courtesy of Michelle van der Heide)

Big Love (courtesy of stegair)

Landside (courtesy of steveatgigs)

Never Going Back Again (courtesy of steveatgigs)

Without You – intro (courtesy of Tim Ricketts)

Without You – partial (courtesy of Tim Ricketts)

Eyes of the World – partial (courtesy of Tim Ricketts)

I’m So Afraid – partial (courtesy of Tim Ricketts)

Stand Back –  partial (courtesy of Tim Ricketts)

Go Your Own Way (courtesy of Michelle van der Heide)

Silver Springs (courtesy of stegair)

London set list

London set list

Live Tweeting from London


Fleetwood Mac! Wow. Been waiting 30 years for this!

They’ve just played Dreams and I have shed tear #Fleetwoodmac

#Fleetwood Mac the full “Bill Clinton” line up never bettered in London now !

Electric @ #Fleetwoodmac #stevienicks #O2 – just beyond!!! So spoiling!! Legends xx @ O2

10 years later and Fleetwood Mac are still making good music ❤️ #fav

Just heard Fleetwood Mac do The Chain. AMAZING.

watching fleetwood mac & track 2 was “the chain”… it cant get any better can it? #blownaway

The Chain has killed me! Best break up song ever?? #fleetwoodmac

New material at a Fleetwood Mac concert is a fantastic excuse for a piss #asgoodasitmaybe

I just met Kate Moss at a Fleetwood Mac concert. My life is complete

I have just heard Fleetwood Mac perform one of my favorite songs of all time – Dreams. Thank you so much @emmabarney #mademynight

#fleetwoodmac launch into ‘Rhiannon’. Men and women gush and sigh, and then yell along with dear old Stevie

this is precisely what I hoped for. stevie nicks in a sequinned cloak belting out rhiannon. literally overwhelmed. #fleetwoodmac

that and mick looming behind his drums, waistcoated and neckerchiefed. £160 and worth every drop #fleetwoodmac

24 hrs ago I was miserable and not going to see Fleetwood Mac. Now I’m watching them in the O2. Can’t believe it!!!!! = )

#fleetwoodmac at the #O2. Loving it….I’m the youngest here!

Tusk just fecking rocked! #FleetwoodMac

Stevie Nicks has still got it #fleetwoodmac

Lindsey Biuckingham delivers highlight of set so far with solo ‘Lookin out for Love’ #fleetwoodmac #O2

Acoustic version of Big Love by Lindsey Buckingham. Guitar genius! Love Lindsey #Fleetwoodmac #lindseybuckingham

Stevie just dedicated landslide to Peter Green. He’s in the audience. I almost cried #fleetwoodmac

Stevie Nicks sublime #FleetwoodMac

Beautiful dedication by Stevie Nicks of Landslide to Peter Green who is watching tonight’s @fleetwoodmac show.

Ah Peter Green is at the Fleetwood Mac concert tonight and Stevie dedicated Landslide to him. So cool.

Lindsey and Stevie just had a little hug. Nearly lost it @fleetwoodmac

At Fleetwood Mac. Nicks and Buckingham must have a bet on to tell most boring anecdote. It’s 1-1.

Fabulous night watching Fleetwood Mac at the O2

Fabulous #fleetwoodmac at 02 reminding us all of the power of the tambourine #class

The thought that Christine McVie could be back on stage with @fleetwoodmac tonight makes me so, so happy.

Lindsey Buckingham – probably one of the best guitarists I have ever seen live. #fleetwoodmac #theo2…

Stevie bloody fantastic #fleetwoodmac

@fleetwoodmac is absolutely incredible!

Epic night watching #FleetwoodMac at the #O2 – cannot believe they are in their 60s!? #legends

#fleetwoodmac the guitar solo lives!!

Oh blimey Mick’s doing this drum solo thing…..#fleetwoodmac

Loads of people at the O2 arena are leaving Fleetwood Mac’s second night well early…. That’s old people for ya

@HouseofHaughton 50s
OMG it’s Christine! #fleetwoodmac

@LawEdwardsBHA @rozzieturner88 @fleetwoodmac They was unreal, Best Concert ive been to, Mick Fleetwood destoyed the drums!

@musicalshorts 50s
Christie McVie casually saunters onto @The_O2 stage to reunite @fleetwoodmac….

@lynseyshev 1m
Fuck yeah Christine Mcvie! #fleetwoodmac

Ooer Christine Mcvie has just strolled onto the stage #fleetwoodmac

Christine McVie just reunited on stage with Fleetwood Mac in London! Wow! “@HouseofHaughton: OMG it’s Christine! #fleetwoodmac”

Christie McVie casually saunters onto @The_O2 stage to reunite @fleetwoodmac….

Mcvie is in the building!!!

More pictures from London

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