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CONCERT VIDEOS: Fleetwood Mac @ O2 World Berlin

Fleetwood Mac performed in concert at the O2 World Arena in Berlin on Wednesday night, wrapping up a three-city tour of Germany. Stephane, a big Fleetwood Mac fan, succinctly described her concert experience in the following tweet: “Awesome. Class. Legendary. Amazing. Fantastic. Skilled. Talented. Too many words. Great experience.”

Stevie dedicated “Landslide” to her goddaughter Kelly Anne, whom she has known since Kelly Anne was five. Kelly Anne has lived and worked with Stevie’s team for many years.

The tour now moves to Northern Europe, where the band will perform shows in Herning, Denmark (this Friday); Oslo, Norway; and Stockholm, Sweden. The European tour ends on October 26 with an encore performance at Ziggo Domo in Amsterdam.


CONCERT MEDLEY: Second Hand News, The Chain, Dreams, Sad Angel, Rhiannon, Tusk, Sara, Gypsy, Eyes of the World, Gold Dust Woman, I’m So Afraid, Stand Back, Go Your Own Way, World Turning & Don’t Stop (compiled by kitti lubmin)

Fleetwood Mac O2 World Berlin 2013


CONCERT MEDLEY: Rhiannon, Tusk, Big Love, Landslide, Gypsy, Go Your Own Way, Don’t Stop (compiled by Mathias H Steiger)

Fleetwood Mac Live in Berlin 16.10.2013


The Chain (courtesy of Madlen Ehrlich)


The Chain (courtesy of moremusic2)

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Berlin O2 World, 16 10 2013)


Sad Angel (courtesy of moremusic2)

Fleetwood Mac -Sad Angel (unreleased song) (Berlin, O2 World, 16 10 2013)


Tusk (courtesy MegaButchdog)


Big Love (courtesy of moremusic2)

Fleetwood Mac -Big Love (acoustic, solo Lindsey Buckingham) (Berlin, O2 World, 16. 10. 2013)


Landslide (courtesy of moremusic2)

Fleetwood Mac - Landslide (Berlin O2 World, 16. 10. 2013)


Gold Dust Woman (courtesy of moremusic2)

Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman (Berlin, O2 World, 16. 10. 2013)


Stand Back (courtesy of starmoonchild65)

Fleetwood Mac "Stand back" O2 Arena Berlin, 16.10.2013


Go Your Own Way (courtesy of Madlen Ehrlich)


World Turning (janchad26)


Don’t Stop (courtesy of tullsong)

Fleetwood Mac "Don't Stop " O2 World Berlin 16.10.2013


Silver Springs (courtesy of janchad26)


More fan reaction via Twitter


Berlin setlist

01. Second Hand News 13. Without You
02. The Chain 14. Gypsy
03. Dreams 15. Eyes of the World
04. Sad Angel 16. Gold Dust Woman
05. Rhiannon 17. I’m So Afraid
06. Not That Funny 18. Stand Back
07. Tusk 19. Go Your Own Way
08. Sisters of the Moon 20. World Turning
09. Sara 21. Don’t Stop
10. Big Love 22. Silver Springs
11. Landslide 23. Say Goodbye
12. Never Going Back Again

European tour dates

20 Sep O2 Dublin Dublin, Ireland
21 Sep O2 Dublin Dublin, Ireland
24 Sep O2 Arena London, Great Britain
25 Sep O2 Arena London, Great Britain
27 Sep O2 Arena London, Great Britain
29 Sep LG Arena Birmingham, Great Britain
01 Oct Manchester Arena Manchester, Great Britain
03 Oct Hydro Glasgow, Great Britain
06 Oct Lanxess Arena Cologne, Germany
07 Oct Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, Netherlands
09 Oct Sport Palais Antwerp, Belguim
11 Oct Bercy Paris, France
13 Oct Hallenstadion Zürich, Switzerland
14 Oct Schleyerhalle Stuttgart, Germany
16 Oct O2 World Berlin, Germany
18 Oct Jyske Bank Boxen Herning, Denmark
20 Oct Oslo Spektrum Oslo, Norway
23 Oct Globen Stockholm, Sweden
26 Oct Ziggo Dome Amsterdam, Netherlands

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