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RECAP: Auburn Hills (Detroit), MI – The Palace

On Sunday night, Stevie Nicks performed at The Palace in Auburn Hills, MI — the 17th show of the 24 Karat Gold Tour.

There was a humorous moment when Stevie was telling the crowd about her stunning blue “Bella Donna” cape. As she tried to remove it, the cape got stuck and required some assistance from her guitarist Waddy Wachtel. Afterwards, Stevie joked, “It was just a little…(wardrobe) malfunction.”

Due to the venue’s curfew, Stevie ended the show with “Rhiannon,” skipping the second encore “Leather and Lace.”

Much love and thanks to FlightAttendantPixie and Chacuterie King for live streaming the show! Here is a transcript of some the stories Stevie told Sunday night.

Opening comments

“Hello, Detroit! Well, welcome everybody, uh, we are so glad that you’re here! I didn’t know Kid Rock’s in Nashville, what’s up with that? (On Stevie’s last visit to Auburn Hills with Fleetwood Mac, Kid Rock, born and raised in the Detroit area, surprised her by coming onstage during the show and giving her a big hug.) Seriously. I’m a have to have a talk with him. So we are really glad that you all are here because most of all you are the most important — he has his own thing. Um, this show is not what you are gonna think it’s gonna be because I decided before I came out this time that I was gonna go into the, I like to call it the dark, the gothic trunk of mysterious, magical things you’ve heard of but you never actually heard. So that’s what I did. I put it together, tried to sequence it really good, intertwine everything. So it’s delightful for me because it’s something different for me after all these years. And I didn’t want to come out here and do the same Stevie Nicks set you guys have seen 5,000 times. So I hope you enjoy it. Let’s go!”

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (huntingtonm15)

Chrissie Hynde: “I like him (Tom Petty), but I love her (points to Stevie Nicks).”

Bella Donna / Wild Heart

“Thank you. So that little story on those two songs. First of all, you know Bella Donna was the first record and there wasn’t a very big tour because I had made a promise to Fleetwood Mac that I wasn’t going to break up Fleetwood Mac so I said when you need me I will wrap it up. So they needed me about two month after we released the record so I wrapped it up. So we didn’t really get to tour, rarely ever so we never played Bella Donna hardly at all. Um, the thing about the follow-up which is The Wild Heart, was that whenever you can come away from a hit debut record, everybody’s always going to say, it’s a fluke…fluke…fluke. And so the only way you can mess with that argument is to make another record that does really well too, then they cannot say that Bella Donna was a fluke. So actually, we owe that to Wild Heart for being the crazier, more darker record but that did really well and gave me really the ability to have two careers for the rest of my life to be standing here tonight.

And I would just like to show you, you’re looking at it, but I want you to know that this is the original Bella Donna cape…for this song. [Stevie then tries to remove the cape, but has some trouble so she needs Waddy to help her remove it.] Well, you know, it was just a little, what is it, [waredrobe] malfunction. (Shows the audience the cape.)

So this was worn a few times…and it was on the back cover of Bella Donna and on the inside of Bella Donna and actually this was supposed to be the cover of Bella Donna, and…I’m doing this thing and I was wearing this, so. The funny thing about this all is that if my mom was here today, and we wish she was, she would say, ‘Stevie, that was a great choice of fabric,’ because look at how well, how perfect, look at how well it’s held up and that’s because it’s silk chiffon, which is what they make sails for boats out of, so of course, they never ever fall apart. So if you want to put your money on something, I say silk chiffon.”

Gypsy (huntingtonm15)

New Orleans

“So this next song was written in 2005 and recorded finally in 2010 on In My Dreams. I was sitting in my house that’s next to the ocean in Santa Monica, and I was watching the oncoming, huge, and horrific hurricane that was coming toward New Orleans. And as a writer, you’re kind of like a reporter and you want to chronicle stuff, stuff that’s going on. You want to write about it because you want to still have it because time passes and things disappear. So I wanted to write about this, but this is a pretty heavy thing to write about and once again, as a writer, you start to think, well, this is bad so I don’t wanna write this seriously sad and depressing poem that in years to come people will read and go like, I really wish she hadn’t written it because it’s awful.

“So I stopped and I remembered that I had track that a friend of ours who plays with Fleetwood Mac, his name is Neil, had written and sent to me 2 years, maybe 3 years before. And it was in my bedside table next to my bed. And I thought, there’s a track on that, it’s track two, and I ran it in the cassette player that will record and will not break and will work, and recorded the song with the poem, and then sat there and watched the hurricane go crazy. I hoped when I finally got around to ever playing this song, or even recording it that it would have turned into something that was almost celebratory because that’s what you hope as a writer is that you can write something, you can tell what’s happening, but you can also make it like life will once more be a celebration, and that’s what I hoped for it. And I’ve never done this song on stage until this tour, so we’re going to do it for you now. It’s called New Orleans.'”


“Well, this next song was written in Tom Petty’s basement slash studio, probably in 1979, 1980. And I live in Santa Monica and Tom lives in Pacific Palisades. It used to be Pacific Palisades Park. That was even before I moved there. So I would go over to Tom’s house sometimes, and he would never invite me. But I would call and say like, can I come over? And he’d go like, ‘sigh OK.’ And I’d go like, I’ll be there in an hour! So I’d go with my Hershey Chocolate powder in case I needed a glass of chocolate milk and my guitar in case, which was ridiculous because I had super long nails. But it looked good for me to arrive with a guitar. So I’d knock on the door and he’d open the open and he’d look at me and go like, ‘Are you moving in?’ And I’m like, Noooo, I’m not moving in but I just came like, you know, for a play-date. So I said, Tom, I’ve written a really good poem and then put it to music and I think it’s really good. And I was wondering, if you like it, maybe we could record it. So he’s like, ‘OK, play it for me. So I sit down at the piano, I don’t play that good but good enough to write. And I played this song, and he’s like at the end it, he goes, ‘That’s a good song Stevie.’ And I’m like, thank you Tom. And so the Heartbreakers start straggling in and we recorded it. And it came out amazing. It came out so amazing that if either of us had been doing a record, it would have gone on one of those records. But neither of us was doing a record, so the song went into the dark gothic truck of things possibly never to be heard from again. And it had been there since 2014 when I made 24 Karat Gold. So anyway, this is what it is. We’re gonna play it for you now. It’s called ‘Starshine.'”

Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)

“So this song for me was the touchstone. It’s my favorite song to sing. So thank you very much. I really appreciate it.”

Stand Back

“Prince and I were friends. There’s a story I’m not ready to tell yet. We were just friends. And it was a long, crazy friendship. A beautiful soul.”

Gold Dust Woman (huntingtonm15)

Rhiannon (huntingtonm15)

Revised Set List (as of 11/27)

  1. Gold and Braid
  2. If Anyone Falls
  3. Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around
  4. Belle Fleur
  5. Gypsy
  6. Wild Heart / Bella Donna
  7. Enchanted
  8. New Orleans
  9. Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream)
  10. Starshine
  11. Stand Back
  12. Crying in the Night
  13. If You Were My Love
  14. Gold Dust Woman
  15. Edge of Seventeen
  16. Rhiannon