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RECAP: Seattle, WA – Key Arena

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On Sunday, Stevie Nicks performed at Key Arena in Seattle, WA — the 24th show of the 24 Karat Gold Tour.

Leg 1 of the tour is winding down with the remaining four shows in the West Coast cities of Sacramento, San Jose, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

Stevie delivered yet another strong performance, captivating the Seattle audience with her usual charm and grace. She was especially poignant during “Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream),” dedicating the song to Prince, with whom she had a special relationship. “I’ve only sang ‘Moonlight’ to Prince one other night,” she said, “because when I do, it takes on a whole other meaning for me.”

All slideshow photos graciously shared by Logan Riely of The Seattle Times.

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Stevie Nicks
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Much love and thanks to 4128Darren, Ginger Balazas, mama mattoid, Pat Cummings, Photography by Salinas, and mistralwindbebe for filming and sharing these videos!

Gold and Braid (Photography by Salinas)

“Welcome, Seattle! Well, we’re very, very glad to be here tonight. I have a lot of family here tonight. So hello to all my family that’s here tonight. And um, uh, I wanted to just like take a second to tell you all that this is not the same Stevie Nicks show you have seen for the last, like, 45 years…um…because I just decided this time at the end of the summer when I decided I was gonna come out and maybe promote 24 Karat Gold because I had a window, um, I said I’m not doing the same thing that I always do. I just can’t do it again, so I have to take to that. So I went into what I like to call the dark, gothic trunk of magical mystery things that you’ve heard for a little bit, but you’re not sure, and do some new things that are new-old, old-new. And, uh, it has been so much fun for me, and I tried to put them all together in a way that you would, um, enjoy them, and it’s definitely a journey. So knowing that, let’s go!”

If Anyone Falls – short clip (mama mattoid)

Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around feat. Chrissie Hynde (4128Darren)

Gypsy (4128Darren)

Gypsy (Ginger Balazas)

Wild Heart/Bella Donna (mistalwindbebe)

“This is the original Bella Donna cape. It is in perfect shape. There is not even one little snag, it is perfect. And the funny thing is that my mom, who sewed and who made all my clothes in high school, which I didn’t love but I pretended to love them because she made them. She would have said to me if she was standing here right now, ‘That was a very good choice of fabric, Stevie, because that is silk chiffon. And you know what they do with silk chiffon, they make sails for boats out of silk chiffon. So it’s gonna last forever, and so you’re not ever gonna have to replace it.’ And of course, your mother is a saint, right? So I have to thank my mom for saying that and tell you all that I think that if you’re going to invest in your money in this day and age in anything, I think silk chiffon is a good thing.”

Enchanted (Ginger Balazas)

New Orleans (mistalwindbebe)

Starshine (Ginger Balazas)

“This was about 1980, maybe, and I lived in Santa Monica and, every once in a while I’d go over to his house and we’d hang out in his studio and write sometimes and just talk, you know, discuss our miserable rock and roll life. And, so I went over one day and I walked up and knocked on the door and I took my, I took my guitar and I had it in a case because I looked so much more serious with a guitar in a case. Of course, I had really long nails so I really couldn’t play, but I looked very serious walking in the door. So I knocked on the door and he says, he goes like ‘Are you moving in?’ And I’m like ‘No, I’m just here for a playdate, and he said, ‘OK’. So we go in, we go downstairs and I have a song and it’s already written and I said, ‘Here’s the words.’ And I give him a piece of paper with the words on it and I said, ‘So what do you think?’ And he says, ‘Well, play it for me.’ So I sat at the piano and played it and he really liked it. And I said, ‘Can we record it?’ And he said, ‘Yes’. And so at that point, all the Heartbreakers were wandering in and, of course, I’m not just loving this because I’m determined I’m gonna get in the Heartbreakers somehow, right? Never gonna happen, but I believe, I believe, I believe! So anyway, the thing is that we recorded the song — it just came out great. We probably played it twice, we got a great track and I did a really a good vocal and we could have put really good backing vocals on it, but I wasn’t doing a record and neither was Tom, so where did it go? In the trunk, in the gothic trunk of mystical, magical…Miss-Peregrine’s-curious-children trunk, and was never heard of again really by me. I mean I know some people heard it, but I really never heard it again. So I dug it up for this because like I thought, well, it’s about time it comes out of that trunk. So anyway, it’s called ‘Starshine’ and we’re gonna do it for you now.”

Moonlight (A Vampire’s Dream) (Ginger Balazas)

Stand Back (4128Darren)

Crying in the Night (Pat Cummings)

If You Were My Love (mistralwindbebe)

Gold Dust Woman (4128Darren)

Edge of Seventeen (4128Darren)

Rhiannon (4128Darren)

Landslide (4128Darren)


“Rock and Roll Hall of Fame musician Stevie Nicks played to packed crowd at Key Arena on Sunday. It was an evening of beloved songs, stories and emotional tributes. Stevie Nicks was all about new music and old friendships at her Key Arena show on Sunday. The powerhouse openers were Chrissie Hynde and The Pretenders.” —Alexa Peters / Seattle Times (Read the full review here.)

Fan Reaction

Much love and thanks to fans who tweeted live and shared their experience of the seeing Stevie’s show!