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RECAP: New Orleans, LA – Smoothie King Center

On Wednesday night, Stevie Nicks performed at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans — the 37th show of the 24 Karat Gold Tour. Stevie returned to the “city of dreams,” where performing her Hurricane-Katrina-inspired-song “New Orleans” obviously took on a special meaning.

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Thanks and much love to Chris Granger for sharing these photos.

Stevie Nicks, 24 Karat Gold Tour, New Orleans LA, Smoothie King Center, March 15, 2017
(Chris Granger)
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To see more photos from the show, click here.

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Thanks and much love to Rhonda Johnson, Jason D, and Amalea Summers, Genevieve Williams for sharing these videos.

Gold and Braid (Amalea Summers)

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Stop Draggin’ My Heart Around (Jason D)

New Orleans (Jason D)

New Orleans (Rhonda Johnson)

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Stand Back (Jason D)

Edge of Seventeen (Jason D)

Edge of Seventeen (Genevieve Williams)

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Rhiannon (Genevieve Williams)

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Landslide (Jason D)

“Thank you. That’s another one of the songs that’s always played at my show. And every once in a while I do actually say to each of the band members, ‘Can we just not do ‘Rhiannon’ this time?’ And they’re like [gasps]! Never works.

So this song, this song we’re gonna do now, was written in Aspen, Colorado in 1973. I was there in the winter in the frozen tundra, and Lindsey had gone to be the other half of the Everly Brothers because Wally actually couldn’t go, so Lindsey got the job instead. Right? So they didn’t need an Everly sister. They didn’t, so I got dumped in the snow in Aspen and I took my best friend Terry with me because I knew I was gonna be up there by myself, and I wasn’t gonna be up there by myself.

So Terry and I ended up at this horrible apartment with this horrible fisherman guy who lived upstairs, and it was not going to be a good thing. So we were there like one day and said, ‘No!’ So we packed up our stuff and we like kind of put everything back in — you guessed it — the Toyota, which wasn’t moving then either ’cause it was stuck in the snow and it had no reverse. So we just met some really nice people and they…it’s some really nice guys…it’s not what you might think at all. It was totally above… They gave us one of their three bedrooms and so we had a really nice play to stay for the entire time that Lindsey was gone. And so anyway, one night they knew people there because they lived there. They said, ‘We’re gonna go to dinner with these great people so why don’t you guys come with us?’ So we did and they had this beautiful house, this beautiful living room, and this beautiful view and I said, ‘Can I just not go with you to dinner and just stay, sit here on the floor, and look out at this, and write a song?’ And they, ‘Of course you can!’ And so they left and I had my Goya, my little classical Goya guitar and I sat and I wrote this little song.

Never in a million years did I think — once back to having your dreams coming true —  never in a million years did I think that this little song that I could play on the guitar would be the song that basically took us to the top. And not only that, but it has been off and on for several many years the favorite Super Bowl commercial song. So keep it in mind that one little tiny thing can change everything. So this little song is called ‘Landslide.'”

More videos to be added soon!

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