New Fleetwood Mac
(Randee St. Nicholas)

SPOILER: Set list building

In a new Rolling Stone interview, Mike Campbell has revealed three songs that Fleetwood Mac will be performing during the tour, which kicks off in Tulsa, Oklahoma on October 3. Roughly half of the songs to be included have either been announced or performed since the start of September. Here’s how the set list is shaping up.

Set List

(date announced/performed)

  • The Chain (9/5/2018)
  • You Make Loving Fun (9/13/18)
  • Dreams (9/13/18)
  • Little Lies (9/21/18)
  • Second Hand News (9/21/18)
  • Gypsy (9/5/18)
  • Oh Well (9/30/18)
  • Freefallin’ (9/30/18)
  • Landslide (9/13/18)
  • Don’t Dream It’s Over (9/30/18)
  • Gold Dust Woman (9/21/18)
  • Don’t Stop (9/21/18)

Set list order to be announced Oct 3

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