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Fleetwood Mac Live (1980)

Fleetwood Mac Live (1980) is a live compilation that highlights 15 performances from Fleetwood Mac’s concert tours: 1975-1976 Fleetwood Mac, 1977-1978 Rumours, and 1979-1980 Tusk tours. It also includes three new songs: Christine McVie’s “One More Night,” Beach Boys cover “The Farmer’s Daughter,” and Stevie Nicks’ “Fireflies.” The enclosed sleeves (booklet for the CD) feature a tour chronology and black-and-white pictures of the band.

Track List

  1. Monday Morning 3:55
  2. Say You Love Me 4:18
  3. Dreams 4:18
  4. Oh Well 3:44
  5. Over And Over 4:54
  6. Sara 7:23
  7. Not That Funny 9:04
  8. Never Going Back Again 4:13
  9. Landslide 4:55
  10. Fireflies 4:25
  11. Over My Head 3:37
  12. Rhiannon 7:43
  13. Don’t Let Me Down Again 3:57
  14. One More Night 3:43
  15. Go Your Own Way 5:44
  16. Don’t Stop 4:05
  17. I’m So Afraid 8:28
  18. The Farmer’s Daughter 2:25


Warner Bros. Records released Fleetwood Mac Live on December 8, 1980. The live retrospective reached Number 14 on Billboard Hot 200 Albums. Warner Bros. issued the singles “The Farmer’s Daughter” and “Fireflies (remixed by producer Ken Caillat),” the latter of which reached Number 60 on Billboard Hot 100 Singles.


  • 2-LPs
  • 2-Cassette tapes
  • 2-8-track tapes

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The RIAA has certified Fleetwood Mac Live gold for the shipment of 500,000 units to retailers.

On April 9, 2021, Rhino reissued Fleetwood Mac Live as 2-CD/2-LP/1-7″vinyl deluxe box set, expanding the selection of live tracks through Fleetwood Mac’s 1982 Mirage tour. The set includes a 7″ vinyl record with “Fireflies” (demo) and “One More Night” (demo).

On July 16, 2021, Rhino released a special red-vinyl pressing of Fleetwood Mac Live.

On November 26, 2021, Rhino completed the box set’s marketing campaign with the vinyl release of Alternate Live, selections from the Fleetwood Mac Live deluxe box set.

Fleetwood Mac Live (1980)

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