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Fleetwood Mac – Tusk (1979)

Tusk is Fleetwood Mac‘s 12th studio album, an epic 20-track recording. The album features the Billboard Top 20 singles “Think About Me,” “Tusk,” and “Sara.”

Track List

  1. Over & Over (4:35)
  2. The Ledge (2:02)
  3. Think About Me (2:44)
  4. Save Me A Place (2:40)
  5. Sara (6:26)
  6. What Makes You Think You’re The One (3:28)
  7. Storms (5:28)
  8. That’s All For Everyone (3:04)
  9. Not That Funny (3:19)
  10. Sisters Of The Moon (4:36)
  11. Angel (4:53)
  12. That’s Enough For Me (1:48)
  13. Brown Eyes (4:27)
  14. Never Make Me Cry (2:14)
  15. I Know I’m Not Wrong (2:59)
  16. Honey Hi (2:43)
  17. Beautiful Child (5:19)
  18. Walk A Thin Line (3:44)
  19. Tusk (3:36)
  20. Never Forget (3:40)


Warner Bros. Records released Tusk on October 12, 1979. The album reached Number 4 on Billboard 200 Albums, supported by four singles which all placed on the Billboard Hot 100: “Tusk” (#8), “Sara” (edit) (#7), and “Think About Me” (remix) (#20), and “Sisters of the Moon” (remix) (#86).


  • Double-vinyl record set
  • Expanded-play cassette
  • Double 8-track tape

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The magic of Tusk is in the interaction of the group, in the performances and in the feel, and especially in the psychic communication that goes on among them. —Washington Post

The RIAA has certified Tusk quadruple platinum for the shipment of four million units to retailers.

In 2004, Warner reissued Tusk as a 2-CD set with remastered sound and bonus material consisting of demos, roughs, and outtakes.

In 2015, Warner released a 5-CD/1-DVD/2-LP deluxe box set of Tusk. The set includes a track-by-track analysis of the album (see below). 

Track-by-Track Analysis

Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk songs laid bare one by one

Promotional Videos


Sara (Live)

Think About Me (Remix)

Sisters of the Moon (Remix)

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