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Fleetwood Mac – Mirage (1982)

Mirage is Fleetwood Mac’s 13th album. It’s the band’s first full-length studio release since Tusk (1979).

Warner Bros. Records released Mirage on June 29, 1982. On August 7, the album reached No. 1 on the Billboard 200 Albums chart, remaining in the top position for five weeks through the week of September 4. The album’s lead single “Hold Me” was the band’s first Top 10 single since “Sara” (#7) from Tusk (1979), reaching Number Four during the summer of 1982. The album’s momentum continued with the release of the next two singles “Gypsy” (#12) and “Love in Store” (#22). Heavy MTV rotation of the music videos for “Hold Me” and “Gypsy” contributed to the album’s popularity.

2016 Reissue

On September 23, 2016, Rhino/Warner Bros. Records reissued Mirage, releasing three special editions of the album: (The reissue was originally due out on July 29, but was delayed for unknown reasons.)

Deluxe Edition (3CDs, 1 DVD, 1 LP)

  • Original album remastered (CD1)
  • Outtakes & Sessions (CD2)
  • Fleetwood Mac Live at the Forum in Los Angeles, October 1982 (CD3)
  • 5.1 surround and 24/96 stereo audio mixes of the original album (DVD-Audio)
  • Original album on vinyl (LP)

Expanded Edition (2CDs)

  • Original album remastered (CD1)
  • Outtakes & Sessions (CD2)

Remastered Edition (CD)

Original album remastered

Outtakes & Sessions

  1. Love In Store (Early Version)
  2. Suma’s Walk (aka Can’t Go Back) (Outtake)
  3. That’s Alright (Alternate Take)
  4. Book of Love (Early Version)
  5. Gypsy (Early Version)
  6. Only Over You (Alternate Version)
  7.  Empire State (Early Version)
  8. If You Were My Love (Outtake)
  9. Hold Me (Early Version)
  10. Oh Diane (Early Version)
  11. Smile At You (Outtake)
  12. Goodbye Angel (Original Outtake)
  13. Eyes of the World (Alternate Early Version)
  14. Straight Back (Original Vinyl Version)
  15. Wish You Were Here (Alternate Version)
  16. Cool Water (2016 Remastered)
  17. Gypsy (Video Version) (2016 Remastered)
  18. Put a Candle In the Window (Run-Through)
  19. Teen Beat (Outtake) (2016 Remastered)
  20. Blue Monday (Jam)

Mirage Live: Fleetwood Mac at The Forum, Los Angeles CA, October 21-22, 1982

  1. The Chain
  2. Gypsy
  3. Love In Store
  4. Not That Funny
  5. You Make Loving Fun
  6. I’m So Afraid
  7. Blue Letter
  8. Rhiannon
  9. Tusk
  10. Eyes of the World
  11. Go Your Own Way
  12. Sisters of the Moon
  13. Songbird


In 1983, Fleetwood Mac received two American Music Awards nominations for Best Pop/Rock Group and Best Pop/Rock Album. In 1984, the RIAA certified Mirage double platinum for the shipment of two million units to retailers.


  1. Love in Store
  2. Can’t Go Back
  3. That’s Alright
  4. Book of Love
  5. Gypsy
  6. Only Over You
  7. Empire State
  8. Straight Back
  9. Hold Me
  10. Eyes of the World
  11. Oh Diane
  12. Wish You Were Here


Cool Water (b-side of Gypsy)

Editor’s Pick: Gypsy

“Gypsy” is one of Stevie Nicks’s most majestic works and a standout track on the romantic Mirage album. Written partly about Nicks visiting The Velvet Underground, the alleged clothing store of rock stars in the late 1960s San Francisco music scene, “Gypsy” mostly looks back on the singer’s years before joining Fleetwood Mac. Set around Buckingham’s intricate guitar and production work, Nicks soars on the vocals, giving one of her most satisfying performances to date. With lyrics like “And a memory is all that is left for you now” and “I still see your bright eyes,” nostalgia tugs hard at the heart strings, inspiring listeners to recall their own warm memories of electrifying moments that inevitably fade away. “Lightning strikes, maybe once, maybe twice. And it all comes down to you.”


Hold Me

Eyes of the World (Hold Me b-side)


Cool Water (Gypsy b-side)

Love in Store 

Can’t Go Back (Love in Store b-side)

Oh Diane

Only over You (Oh Diane b-side)