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Smiling Islands – Robbie Patton

U.S. #52, U.S. AC #16

I don’t want to live forever
But I don’t want to die alone
A pair of eyes that love me
Is all I want

I don’t want to say no goodbyes
But I don’t want our love in pain
Life’s too short to play
In those kinds of games


Oh, I don’t want to be the one leaving
But I see our winds have changed
We’re sailing in different directions
Yet we both wanna stay close friends
Like smiling islnds

I don’t need to see you’re pretending
And I don’t want those lies in bed
It’s better to end it
Then cheat on what’s left

And I don’t want to make you unhappy
And I don’t want to let us go
You’re the one with the eyes
That give me the hope

(Repeat Chorus)

Then one day when we’ve sailed
Over every sea
We’ll remember that we sailed away
Smiling Islands