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Outside the Rain

“Outside the Rain” is Track 9 on Bella Donna, following “Leather and Lace” and preceding “The Highwayman” in the album’s running order.

About the Song

Stevie has never publicly shared the story behind “Outside the Rain,” but it appears to be about her relationship with drummer Mick Fleetwood. The strongest clue of this came from her concert performances of the song, during which she modified the lyric “Well, it’s just one more link in the chain” to “Well, Mick said, ‘Stevie, it’s just one more link in the chain. Baby, don’t break it.”

Stevie wrote several songs about her romantic relationship with Mick Fleetwood around this time. These songs include “Angel,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Storms,” and “Watch Chain.”  

Considered a deep-cut in Stevie’s vast catalog, “Outside the Rain,” has started Stevie’s live shows on several concert tours. It has often segued into the Rumours track “Dreams.”


Outside the rain
And the heart skips a beat
So you’re lonely
Creature of the night
It’s been almost a week
Can you love me only

Look at me, for a very long time
Long enough to know
Love is a word – I’ve been trying to find
Words don’t matter
They don’t matter at all

Maybe it’s only a dream
I don’t want to feel that
Well it’s one more link – in the chain
I don’t believe that

So you’re still lonely
You say that it’s been forever
Maybe you never knew me
Maybe you thought that
I’d never change but
You know I’m changing
You’re wrong

And it’s been like dying
No love’s that hard to find
And I’m tired of
I’m tired of trying
Outside the rain
And the heart skips a beat
So you’re lonely

Look in my eyes
Touch my face
Baby, there’s no one
That can take my place

Look in my eyes, touch my face
Baby there’s no one that
Can ever replace that heartache
Take away that heartache

Love is a word that some entertain
If you find it
You have won the game

Somebody said
“Outside the rain”

(Stevie Nicks) © Welsh Witch Music (BMI) admin. by Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC

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