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Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)

Stevie Nicks I Can't Wait Rock a Little
“I Can’t Wait” Extended Mix with alternate “Rock a Little”

“Rock a Little (Go Ahead Lily)” (3:39) is Track 2 on Rock a Little (1985), Stevie Nicks‘ third solo album. It follows “I Can’t Wait” and precedes “Sister Honey” in the album track order.

About ‘Rock a Little’

Stevie Nicks wrote ‘Rock a Little’ about a lecture that she received from her father, Jess, and then-manager Rebecca Alvarez. It was a pep-talk of sorts to encourage Stevie to overcome her problems of the moment and continue performing.

Stevie Nicks I Can't Wait Rock a Little
“I Can’t Wait”/”Rock a Little” international vinyl single

“[‘Rock a Little’] came from my dad and from my friend Rebecca (Alvarez) saying to me, ‘You know, we don’t care how you feel. You have to go up there and do a show now.’ People in my other everyday, sunny-day life call me Lily, and so my dad would say, ‘Go ahead, Lily, hit it, rock a little, hit the stage, get up. If you don’t feel good, go home.’ And Rebecca would say the same thing. So this whole thing kind of came about as a statement: It doesn’t really matter what your problems are, Stevie, or what is going through your life right now. What really matters is that you have to get up and go out there onstage, and that’s what you live for, so go ahead and do that now. There’s this one part that is about my dad, ‘He knows his daughter / They say where does she live / He says, oh, up there somewhere / And then he says go ahead Lily, hit it, hit the stage.’

“So that’s kind of what my life is. I had to make a lot of changes and stops and understand what was going on in my life — that was other people influencing me and talking to me, making me feel certain ways that maybe I let my own self go a little bit and not rely on my own intuitions, which are always the best ones for me, and I’m always right. So to not believe in myself, I think, was the thing that I did was the wrong thing. I didn’t believe in myself for a few days, for a few minutes; a few lifetimes went by. And now I know that it was all really okay.” (Nicks, 1985)

Two Versions

There are two released versions of “Rock a Little”: Album Version (3:39) and an alternate extended version (5:15), which appears as the b-side of the international (outside US and Canada) vinyl single releases for “I Can’t Wait.” The alternate version includes different vocals and runs approximately longer than its album counterpart. 

The alternate version, presumably intended for the album, runs about 1-minute and 25 seconds minutes longer than the album version. It contains different vocals.

Alternate Extended Version

‘Rock a Little’ Lyrics

Sometimes it rages
Rock a little
Even when it’s calm
Rock a little
Just like the sea
Still I rock a little
Say it was just like me
Still rock a little

And you knew her
Funny little dancer
And you watched her all night long
You were trying to learn from her teachers
One thing that she wanted
She would not be tangled up in it

Hit it
(Rock a…)
It’s about time, Lily
Ooh, I know, Lily
Hit the stage
(Rock a little)
Hit it

She’s home now
She says
I’ve gone far beyond that song
Rock and roll ballerina
Where else would she go
He knows his daughter says
Where does she live
He says
Oh, up there somewhere
Then he says
Go ahead, Lily

Hit it
(Go ahead, Lily)
Hit it
It’s about time, Lily
(Hit it)
Hit it
Oh, well, I know, Lily
(Rock a little)
Hit it
Hit the stage
(Rock a little)

Lots of them and all one of a kind
But the most important thing was what is on her mind
Pale pink satin worn out in a week
But she loved you the most
And you said

Go ahead, Lily
Hit it
(Go ahead, Lily)

No explanations and I tell you no
You say nothing
That is how songs are written
Stories are told
Rumors are started

Ooh, but they still stay

Go ahead, Lily
Hit it
Hit it
It’s about time, Lily
Hit the stage
Dancin’, I know
(Go ahead, Lily)

(Stevie Nicks/Rick Nowels) © 1985 Welsh Witch Music (BMI)/Sony/ATV Music Publishing LLC


Sharon Celani Background vocals
Kenny Edwards Bass
Russ Kunkel Drums
Marilyn Martin Background vocals
Lori Nicks Background vocals
Stevie Nicks Lead vocals
Billy Payne and Rick Nowels Synthesizer
Jamie Sheriff Programmer/Synth Strings
Waddy Wachtel Guitar

Production Credits

Tom “Gordo” Gondolf and Shelly Yakus Recording Engineers, Goodnight Dallas
Jimmy Iovine Producers
Gabe Veltri Overdubs, Village Recorders, Record One
Shelly Yakus Mixer

Chart History – I Can’t Wait/Rock a Little (Australia/Europe/New Zealand)

Chart Peak
Australian Kent Music Report 20
German GfK Entertainment 58
Irish Singles 29
New Zealand Recorded Music 39
UK Singles 54

Release History

  • Rock a Little (1985)
  • “I Can’t Wait”/”Rock a Little”) – International 7″ vinyl single (1985)
  • “I Can’t Wait (Extended Version)/”Rock a Little”/”I Can’t Wait”) – International 12″ vinyl maxi-single (1985)


Nicks, S. (1985). Interview

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