Stevie Nicks

Reconsider Me (1998)

“Reconsider Me” is Track 13 on Disc 3 of Enchanted: The Works of Stevie Nicks (1998), Stevie Nicks second retrospective release. It is an outtake from the Rock a Little sessions (1984-1985). Don Henley provides harmony vocals on the track.

Stevie Nicks


When you’re all alone
And you need someone
Telephone and I’ll come runnin’
Reconsider me

If the past still makes you down
Darlin’, that was then and this is now
Reconsider me

And I’ll never make you sad again
‘Cause I swear that I’ve changed since then
And I’ll never make you sorry if you try
Let’s let bygones be forgotten
Reconsider me
Reconsider me

You can go and be what you want to be
It will be alright if we disagree
I’m the one who cares and I hope you’ll see
That I’m the one who loves you
Reconsider me

I promise that I’ll never make you cry
I’ll never make you sad again

(Warren Zevon) © 1987 Zevon Music, BMI

Warren Zevon
Stevie Nicks with Warren Zevon, sometime in the mid-1970s

About the Song

“Reconsider Me” (3:35), a Warren Zevon-composed song recorded with producer Jimmy Iovine during the Rock a Little sessions, was the first single from Enchanted: The Works of Stevie Nicks (1998).

“Jimmy brought me this song. I think Jimmy and I were fighting, and for some reason I wasn’t in a very ‘reconsider me’ state-of-mind. I felt like I would never write a song to ask somebody to reconsider my love. You know, if it’s gotten to that point, I’m so far gone. I would never utter those words. I took it so literally. So I flipped out about that. Of course now — older, wiser — I don’t have such a problem with it, because I look at the song’s message as ‘can we try this one more time'” (Nicks, 1998).


Roy Bittan: Keyboards
Matt Chamberlin: Drums
Bob Glaub: Bass
Steve Goldstein: Synthesizer
Benmont Tench: Piano
Waddy Wachtel: Guitar
Patrick Warren: Chamberlin
Don Henley: Harmony vocal
Background vocals: Sharon Celani and Lori Perry

Produced by Jimmy Iovine and Andrew Slater
Mixed by Chris Lord-Alge


Nicks, S. (1998). Enchanted: The works of Stevie Nicks. [Liner notes]