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Twisted (songwriting demo)

You think you hear demons
I think you are the demon
In this place where the images are born
You remember your childhood
Oh, in fiery sequences

The sun goes down
Filling the air with color and winds
that lift you up to God

You fall to your knees
You embrace the storm
You no longer care
If it’s cold or if it’s warm
You live for the danger
Like your passion and your anger

You don’t let go
You like to be twisted by the force
You like to be shaken by the wind
In this game that you play with God
You’ve been warned to retreat

You take it to the limit
When the winds come up
Crazy men, crazy women
Crying out for love
You like to save her
But you just can’t give it up

You’d rather be wrapped up
In the arms of a storm
Crazy men and crazy women
In the storm

And the sun goes down
Chasing down the demons
You think you hear demons
Chasing down the demons
Crying out for love

You’d rather be wrapped up
In the arms of the storm
Chasing down the the demons

(Stevie Nicks) 1996 Welsh Witch Music, BMI

About the Song

“When I was asked to do a song for the movie Twister, I had my friend Rebecca read the script. She then gave me the Reader’s Digest condensed version so I could decide whether to do it or not. As she explained it to me, I realized that this was…MY…story. It was about people who had extreme jobs…like chasing tornados, or being in a rock band. Anyway…I really hand-crafted this song for the movie. Unfortunately, if you saw the movie, you missed the song…and you certainly missed my message. So I decided to give the original demo, recorded March 10, 1996, on a 4-track Tascam by my assistant extraordinaire Karen Johnston. I was living in a beach home overlooking Sunset Boulevard and the Pacific Coast Highway, and beyond that, always…the ocean. When I decided to put this in the “box set,” I called Jesse V. (just last week), and he put some “vibe” mandolin on it. I love this song. I hope this time…you will understand it.”

As proof of Nicks’ love of the song, she has released three versions of the song. In 1996, she and Lindsey Buckingham recorded “Twisted” for the Twister motion picture soundtrack. In 1998, Nicks included a demo of the song on Disc 3 of her retrospective box set Enchanted. In 2014, Nicks recorded “Twisted” again for 24 Karat Gold — Songs from the Vault, her eighth solo album.