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Time (1990)

Time is Fleetwood Mac’s 16th studio album. It features new members Bekka Bramlett and Dave Mason, whom replace departing members Stevie Nicks and Rick Vito. Lindsey Buckingham sings backup on one track, “Nothing without You.”

Warner Bros. released Time on October 10, 1995 and issued Christine McVie’s “I Do” as the album’s lead single. But neither the single nor the album charted. Despite a year-long tour to support the release, Time became Fleetwood Mac’s least commercially successful album.


  1. Talkin’ to My Heart
  2. Hollywood (Some Other Kind of Town)
  3. Blow by Blow
  4. Winds of Change
  5. I Do
  6. Nothing without You
  7. Dreamin’ the Dream
  8. Sooner or Later
  9. I Wonder Why
  10. Nights in Estoril
  11. I Got it in for You
  12. All over Again
  13. These Strange Times

1995 lineup

Mick Fleetwood – Drums, percussion
Christine McVie – Keyboards, vocals
John McVie – Bass
Billy Burnette – Guitars, vocals
Bekka Bramlett – Vocals
Dave Mason – Guitars, vocals

The 1995 lineup dissolved when Fleetwood Mac recorded The Dance in 1997.