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Could you ever need me
And would you know how
Don’t waste our time
Tell me now

All you have to do
Is speak out my name
And I would come running anyway

And I said
Could it be me
Could it really really be
Over and over

Don’t turn me away
And don’t let me down
What can I do
To keep you around

Over and over
Over and over

(Christine McVie) © 1979 Careers-BMG Publishing, Inc. (BMI)

About the Song

The opening track, the first of Christine’s six songs on the album, is played remarkably slow — a ballad with a backbeat.

Lindsey: “By the time we got to this we knew we had [an album] that was not by the book. When it came to the sequencing we felt this song had a certain familiarity to it, something that people were going to be able to latch onto on one level and yet set them up for some of the other, more un-traditional things. Where this got un-traditional was leaving it in a fairly raw state, not too glossy in the production.”

—Tusk Deluxe (2015) liner notes