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Rock a Little Sessions

Demos and outtakes from Rock a Little

Battle of the Dragon (Remix)

“Battle of the Dragon”was recorded for Rock a Little, but not used for the album. It later appeared on the American Anthem Motion Picture Soundtrack in 1986. In 1990, mix engineer Chris Lord-Alge remixed the track for the Timespace sessions. The remixed track appeared as bonus track on international Timespace singles and EPs (“Sometimes It’s a Bitch,” A Hard Game to Play) instead of the retrospective itself.

Chanel Chanel

I Can’t Wait (Single Remix 2)

I Can’t Wait (Single Remix 3)

I Can’t Wait (Single Remix 4)

Imperial Hotel (Take 7)

Mabel Normand

Rock a Little (Piano Demo)

Running Through the Garden

Something Exquisite

What Has Rock and Roll Ever Done for You