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Art Beautiful prints by the artist

Stevie Nicks Marketplace - Johanna PietermanJohanna’s Art – Inspired by Stevie Nicks

“As a fan of Stevie for 30 years I have created many fantasy portraits of Stevie surrounded by the magical imagery she writes about in her beautiful lyrics. These pieces are here for your viewing pleasure or you can take it one step further and order a print of a b/w or colour image, great as a gift for the Stevie fan in your life or just to add to your own collection.” —Johanna Pieterman, owner

Stevie Nicks Marketplace - Amanda W CrewsRumours on the Edge of 17 – The Art of Amanda W. Crews Inspired by Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac

“In 1977, artist Amanda W. Crews was listening to the timeless music of Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours, and drawing, painting and writing with much inspiration from Stevie Nicks. Here, in this special presentation page, are a few of her pen & ink drawings from the time of the Rumours Tour, when she was on the “edge of seventeen.” These pieces are signed with her maiden name, Amanda L. Walters.  —Amanda W. Crews, owner

Clothing Handmade, Stevie-Nicks-inspired clothing

Stevie Nicks Marketplace - DustiRagsDustiRags

“Stevie Nicks style clothing and more!!! Welcome everybody!! I make Stevie Nicks style shawls, velvet ruched legwarmers, Rhiannon style tops, crescent.” —Dustin Hoffman, owner

Etsy Marketplace

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Jewelry – Hand-crafted Stevie-Nicks-inspired creations

Kelly Graham crescent moon pendantCamias Jewelry Designs – Wedding Circlets, Necklaces, Torcs, and Bracelet Cuffs

“Crescent Moon inspired Necklace with GOLD-FILLED Curb Chain, 24K Gold Plate Overlay on Sterling Silver Moon Pendant featuring the likeness of Stevie Nicks’ own sterling silver 1 1/4” crescent moon (20 gauge in thickness). Comes with a gold-gilled curb chain with the pendant facing left, towards the heart, just like Stevie wears. 🙂  —Kelly Graham, owner

Mercury Hour Rhiannon pendantMercury Hour – Stevie Nicks-inspired Jewelry

“Mercury Hour means a time of great communication. It’s the perfect moment to show outwardly who you are deep within. About expressing self love through thoughtful adornments and looking badass as hell while doing it.

“We stand for quality, self love and unique goods for an uncertain world. Crafted with care our Metaphysical Psychedelic, Biker, Witch goods create a lasting impression not only on our wears but those around them. We wanted to produce products that make you feel good by using stones with high positive vibes that also look amazing as all hell while wearing them. We break the mold on psychic jewelry believing everyone should look and feel this awesome.” —Scarlett C. Dancer, owner

Purple Moon Design – Stevie Nicks Sterling Silver Jewelry

Great selection of Stevie Nicks and Fleetwood Mac pendants —Michelle Cohn, owner

Music — CDs, vinyl, and more 

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Apple Music

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Rhino Records

For Fleetwood Mac and Stevie Nicks reissues, check out the store at Rhino Records.

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