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Stevie Nicks

How Still My Love

How Still My Love (2016 Remaster)Watch this video on YouTubeYouTube “How Still My Love” is Track 7 on Bella Donna (1981), Stevie Nicks’ first solo album. Stevie describes it as her “sexiest song...

Stevie Nicks


“Enchanted” is Track 4 on The Wild Heart (1983), Stevie Nicks‘ second solo album. Initially an album track, “Enchanted” has taken on greater significance over the years. In 1998, Stevie...

Stevie Nicks

Kick It

“Kick It” is a sleeper track from Street Angel (1994), Stevie Nicks‘ fifth solo album. Partly inspired by Oscar Wilde’s 1888 story “The Happy Prince.” Stevie had adapted lines from Wilde’s now-public-domain work...