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Fleetwood Mac

Tusk expands

New box set expands, reveals Fleetwood Mac’s enigmatic opus When the five members of Fleetwood Mac reconvened in the studio in 1978 to record the follow-up to their massively successful/decade-defining/inescapable...

Tusk Deluxe Edition

REVIEW: Tusk (Deluxe Edition)

Tusk (Deluxe Edition) Fleetwood Mac Rhino **** 1/2 (four-and-a-1/2 stars out of five) The Mac’s wild, punk-y follow-up to Rumours hits just as hard 36 years later, especially on this extras-packed reissue. While...

Fleetwood Mac


Had Fleetwood Mac played it safe after Rumours, they probably could have made another gajillion-selling album. Instead, they handed the reins to singer and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and allowed him to steer the...