Happy Birthday, Stevie!

Happy 75th Birthday, Stevie Nicks!
Never Change ~ Never Stop

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Stevie Nicks

Outside the Rain

“Outside the Rain” is Track 9 on Bella Donna, following “Leather and Lace” and preceding “The Highwayman” in the album’s running order. Stevie has never publicly shared the story behind “Outside the Rain,” but it...

Stevie Nicks

How Still My Love

How Still My Love (2016 Remaster)Watch this video on YouTubeYouTube “How Still My Love” is Track 7 on Bella Donna (1981), Stevie Nicks’ first solo album. Stevie describes it as her “sexiest song...

Stevie Nicks Don Henley

The Highwayman

For Bella Donna‘s ruby anniversary (40th), we click our heels three times and look back at another track from Stevie Nicks‘ classic debut solo album. Closing out the seminal work is “The...

Stevie Nicks

After the Glitter Fades

“After the Glitter Fades” is Track 5 on Bella Donna, Stevie Nicks‘ first solo album, which happens to turn 40 this month. Stevie wrote the song about the highs and lows of stardom, a premonition of...

Stevie Nicks


“Enchanted” is Track 4 on The Wild Heart (1983), Stevie Nicks‘ second solo album. Initially an album track, “Enchanted” has taken on greater significance over the years. In 1998, Stevie...

Stevie Nicks


“Lady” is a track from 24 Karat Gold — Songs from the Vault (2014), Stevie Nicks’ eighth solo album.  “Lady” dates back to the early 1970s when she and guitarist Lindsey Buckingham were living in producer Keith...

1985 Sister Honey drawing

Sister Honey

“Sister Honey” (3:52) is Track 3 on Rock a Little (1985), Stevie Nicks’ 3rd solo album.  During the “Sister Honey” writing sessions, Stevie drew a picture of a female figure that would become the Sister Honey...

If Anyone Falls

If Anyone Falls

“If Anyone Falls” is from The Wild Heart (1983), Stevie Nicks‘ second solo album. Riding high from the success of Bella Donna (1981), Stevie began working with fellow singer-songwriter Sandy Stewart, a partnership...

Stevie Nicks, In Your Dreams, 2011

My Heart

The catchy “My Heart” appears exclusively on the U.S. Barnes and Noble and international editions of Stevie Nicks‘ In Your Dreams (2011). Co-written by Michael Campbell, who provided the music track, Stevie...

Juliet The Other Side of the Mirror


“Juliet” is Track 10 on The Other Side of the Mirror (1989), Stevie Nicks‘ fourth solo album. The song first surfaced as the instrumental track “Book of Miracles” on the b-side of Fleetwood Mac’s “Seven Wonders” single...

Stevie Nicks

Kick It

“Kick It” is a sleeper track from Street Angel (1994), Stevie Nicks‘ fifth solo album. Partly inspired by Oscar Wilde’s 1888 story “The Happy Prince.” Stevie had adapted lines from Wilde’s public-domain work for...


“Sorcerer” is one song in Stevie Nicks’ vast catalog with an interesting and unusual recording journey. Stevie wrote “Sorcerer” back in the early 1970s, as she and Lindsey Buckingham started to...

Stevie Nicks


Garbo (2016 Remaster)Watch this video on YouTubeYouTube Stevie Nicks wrote “Garbo” about the “infamous photo session for the Buckingham Nicks cover.” Despite her reluctance to pose nude on the cover, which...