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Where did Stevie Nicks grow up?

Because of Stevie’s father’s frequent job promotions, the Nicks family relocated often when Stevie was a child. Here is a list of places where the family lived:

  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Albuquerque, New Mexico
  • El Paso, Texas
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Arcadia, California
  • Atherton, California
  • Chicago, Illinois (Stevie had stayed back in California to attend school and pursue music.)

The Nicks family eventually returned to Stevie’s birthplace of Arizona, settling in Maricopa County.

Stevie alludes to the frequent relocations in the song “Candlebright” (recorded for the 2001 album Trouble in Shangri-La), in which she describes herself as a “nomad,” who’s been “rolling around my whole life.”

Well, you know me, I’m a nomad
I can’t feel bad about the way I am
I’ve been rolling around my whole life
You’re my candlebright in the window



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