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Monday, November 10th, 2003 – Berlin, Germany, Max Schmelling Halle

Today’s Theme: Frostbite

Well, I spent the morning complaining to anyone who would listen about how cold my bus was last night. Typically tour buses are kept at a temperature somewhere in the mid sixties. When you have 10 people living together in a small space, it’s best to keep the temperature low so that if one person has a cold everyone doesn’t get their germs. I know, it’s a glamorous lifestyle we lead out here. Anyway, my bus had to have been 40 degrees last night. You could see your own breath. It was awful. And the blankets
on these buses are apparently made for people who are 3 feet tall. I was freezing. But I talked to our driver and he showed me all the thermostats, so tonight my bus will be a toasty 85 degrees. I’ll risk catching a cold, I’ll take a case of the sniffles over frostbite any day.

Like I said, we lost 2 hours for load in, so the late start this morning kept everyone perpetually busy. And there was only one loading dock, which means they can only unload one truck at a time. But as always, come show time, everything was ready. And tonight’s show was fantastic. Honestly, all the shows are great, but there are some that just stand out, and tonight was one of them. I don’t know if has to do with the crowd or the band, or maybe both, but there was a lot of good energy tonight.

The only downer for today is that I didn’t get to see any of Berlin, we arrived this morning and we’re leaving tonight, so that’s a bummer. We drive to Dusseldorf tonight, and we have two days off there, so that should be fun. Hopefully our hotel rooms will be bigger than a closet and have less than 23 light switches. (I’m still getting accustomed with Europe.)



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