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February 25th, 2004 – Melbourne, Australia, Rod Laver Arena

When we left Brisbane is was the hottest day they’d had in ten years. Literally. When we landed in Melbourne it was raining. I’d to like request that we find a happy medium as far as the weather goes.

Melbourne is a great city, however it reminded me a lot of San Francisco, so instead of feeling like I was on vacation, I almost felt like I was just staying in a hotel at home. An odd feeling, but a lovely city nonetheless.

The shows in Melbourne went well. After Landslide someone yelled “It’s better than the Dixie Chicks!” which threw Lindsey off a little, he just laughed and thanked them. It gave all of us a good laugh as well.

Stevie’s been bringing out a lot of new wardrobe pieces, she’s not only been wearing the new Gypsy top and boots, but for the second show in Melbourne she wore a new top for Goodbye Baby. It’s a gorgeous pink, sparkly corset style top that she wore under her usual pink Goodbye Baby cape. It looked really pretty, especially under all the lights. I realize that Stevie’s outfit choices might not be a topic worthy of the evening news, but I, along with the few other gals on tour, I love when she wears something new, so I somehow feel the need to share it with you. Stevie’s assistant Karen, who knows how excited I get over these new clothing items, says we’re in for a real surprise in Sydney. So we have that to look forward to…I’ll keep you updated.

During World Turning a girl managed to climb over the speakers and made it on to the stage, right in front of Stevie. I’ve never understood the need as a fan to get on to the stage. As much dedication as that may display, it’s still kind of weird, if you ask me. One of our security guards stands right behind me during the show, and when I turned around to point the woman out to him, he was already gone. I looked back to the show to see the stage climber being kindly assisted off stage. Our security boys are quick, that’s for sure, the woman was on stage for a total of 2.3 seconds…hardly worth the work in my opinion, but now she has a great story to tell, I suppose.

Lindsey knocked over Stevie’s mic stand during I’m So Afraid….both nights. The first night he actually swung his guitar into it, the guitar got all caught in up the beads and ribbons and he kind of dragged it around. Now, me being the one who has to “care” for her mic stand, I never like to see this, as I’m the one who ended up coming in early the next day to repair the damage. So when he knocked the newly repaired stand over again the second night I was about ready to go on stage and kick some Lindsey butt. However, Stevie has my back…when she came back on stage for Landslide, one of the sound guys was picking her stand up. She just leaned in to the microphone and said “he’s so grounded.” My sentiments exactly.

As the band was all heading back to the dressing rooms after the last show, Stevie was singing ‘Take Me Home Country Roads’. Which isn’t weird in itself, she often bursts in to song for seemingly no reason. But it was cute, mid-verse she couldn’t remember the words, so Lindsey filled them in for her. She proceeded to stroll along singing while Lindsey hummed in the background.

We’re off to Perth, where it will be unbearably hot. And we’re playing an outdoor gig. Time to get the sunblock out…

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