REVIEW: Stand Back


Stand Back (11:26) (Reprise)
Producer: Jimmy Iovine
Writer: S. Nicks
Publisher: Welsh Witch, BMI
Remixers: Tracy Young, Joe Carrano, Ralphi Rosario, Morgan Page

The great Stevie Nicks is as enduring as a California redwood, so how to add relevance to her timeless catalog? Try handing it off to a bevy of remixers with instructions to invite a new generation of club kids to twirl in unison (flowing robes optional). The Tracy Takes You Home mix of 1983 top five “Stand Back” more or less leaves the original vocal intact amid a psychedelic Quaalude riptide–all 11:26 of it. Ralphi’s Beefy Retro mix is less trippy, maintaining classic synth riffs while injecting bass and fluffing up dreamlike vocals. Morgan Page Vox again honors the original, incorporating a rubbery bassline and persistent bop beat. All to draw attention to career retrospective Crystal Visions … The Very Best of Stevie Nicks. It’s nice to see an artist secure enough with her place in history to court reinvention.

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Chuck Taylor / Billboard / October 6, 2007

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