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VIDEOS: Stevie Nicks performs Rhiannon, Landslide on GMA

Stevie Nicks took the stage of the Good Morning America ready to entertain. The legend was on the Friday morning show for the Good Morning America Summer Concert Series in front of hundreds who gathered early. Held in New York City, at Central Park the crowd got a mini-concert of magnitude proportions.

Giving the fans exactly what they wanted Stevie Nicks performed two of her best known classics, Rhiannon and Landslide. Dressed in her tradition black costume seen on stay throughout her concert tour, the entertainer looked delighted to be part of the morning show. After her performance, the live crowd shared exactly how they felt about the show. Screaming and clapping, it made their morning for the perfect performance.

Over the summer the Good Morning America show has brought in entertainers to share with the crowd. From Lady Gaga to Miranda Lambert, the celebrities who have offered up free concerts in the park have brought America a taste of what they do at their concerts and how they are heard on the latest albums. Stevie Nicks is a special treat as she is not only promoting new music, but is familiar with millions.

Take a look at the video clips of Stevie Nicks performing on Good Morning America.


For What It’s Worth (feat. Michael Campbell) (courtesy: Lady from the Mountain)

Landslide (courtesy: WPPCProductions)

Rhiannon (courtesy: Lady from the Mountain)

Backstage (courtesy: WPPCProductions)


Landslide / For What It’s Worth – Rehearsal (courtesy: hejiranyc)

Rhiannon (courtesy: hejiranyc)

Rhiannon / Stand Back / Ghosts Are Gone (courtesy: Aiy_M)

Stand Back / Ghosts Are Gone (courtesy: hejiranyc)

Good Morning America / August 26, 2011



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