Stevie attends Hollywood premiere of In Your Dreams, chats with fans

As promised, Stevie appeared at the sold-out Hollywood premiere of her documentary In Your Dreams on Sunday night at the Landmark Theater. Wearing sunglasses and trademark black, Stevie participated in a question and answer session following the first two screenings. Radio personality and longtime friend Jim Ladd moderated the Q&A.

Fans in the Los Angeles area showed their support by cheering and applauding loudly, as Stevie entered the theater, walking hand-in-hand with Ladd. Stevie waved to the audience in appreciation. Once settled, Stevie talked with Jim Ladd about the making of In Your Dreams and then answered questions from the audience.

Here is a partial transcription of Stevie’s introductory remarks:

Jim Ladd: “Man, are you in for a treat tonight. You’re about to see, in my opinion, is one of the best rock documentaries ever made—a true insight into the creative process of one of the most gifted singer-songwriters of all time…”

Stevie Nicks: “Hello. I am the Easter bunny, disguised as Stevie Nicks. Under your chairs, you will find an Easter egg. Unfortunately, it’s invisible…”

“We never in a million years thought that this would happen to me—I’d be standing here. So I’m as surprising as anybody that people seem to really enjoy and love our little film. As The Beatles would say, ‘This is a day in the life.’ This is not really a documentary. This is not about 40 years. This is about now. This just happened two years ago. And what I want you to know is that we wanted you to be sitting there on my red couch with us. And you are sitting there with us because we knew, as we were doing it, when it starts to roll, you know, I’d get goosebumps. We knew that this was going to be seen by people and that you would feel like you were right there with us, that you were my close personal friends, and you just came by, and we said, you know, ‘Here’s an ice tea, and here’s the fireplace, and you just get comfy.’ And that’s what this is. And so I hope that you enjoy it. And I hope that it is day in your life that you will never forget because I will never forget it. I’ll never get over it. It was the best year of my life.”

Jim Ladd: “Stevie Nicks,” Ladies and Gentlemen, “Stevie Nicks. Enjoy the film.”

Rick Cordeiro captured the following footage of one of the Q&As.


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