The horrors ahead

What can you expect before Coven comes to a close in January? Co-creator Ryan Murphy shares some secrets.

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1. A new Supreme will be chosen

Coven’s Jan. 29 finale, which reveals Fiona’s successor, will unfold a tad differently from previous AHS conclusions. “It usually is a very nihilistic ending. But this year is different because it’s an incredibly dark-comedy ending, which I like,” says Murphy, who teases, “Nobody has guessed who the Supreme is.”

2013-1009-ahs-coven-marie-laveau-2002. Marie Laveau isn’t as invincible as she seems

While the immortal voodoo priestess appears to be unstoppable in her quest to bring down her rival witches, Murphy says, “There’s a very vulnerable, scary thing that happens to her that forces her to regret how hard she’s been on the coven witches.”

2013-1009-ahs-coven-hank-2003. The witch hunters become very important

We know that Laveau hired Cordelia’s husband, Hank (Josh Hamilton), to kill off the Salem bloodline. But hank is actually just one of many witch hunters. “He’s part of a group called the Corporation that has been around since European times,” explains Murphy. “They have deep, deep pockets.”

2013-1009-ahs-coven-kyle-2004. That three-way has repercussions

In the Nov. 20 episode, Madison, Kyle, and Zoe engaged in a dead-dead-alive ménage a trois that leads to tension (and not the sexy kind). “It makes them even more jealous than before. The last five episodes are really about those four [Robichaux] girls – five if you count Cordelia – and it’s about who’s going to rise and who’s going to fall,” says Murphy.

2013-1009-ahs-coven-patti-lupone-2005. We haven’t seen the last of the religious-fanatic neighbors

Promises the producer, “Joan [Patti LuPone] has a big story coming up. She has many episodes left.”

6. Cordelia will regain her sight

2013-1009-ahs-coven-cordelia-200Miss Robichaux’s headmistress will see again…at least for a while. “She does get her sight back from something Myrtle does that’s incredibly gory and devious,” explains Murphy. “She’s also going to find out a lot of secrets about her husband that throw her into a midlife-crisis breakdown, which is very juicy.”

7. Madame LaLaurie gets her (really, really vicious) groove back

2013-1009-ahs-coven-Madame LaLaurie-200Once the racist sadist gets her head reattached, all hell breaks loose. “This is one of the most evil women of all time. At a certain point she’s gotta fight back,” says Murphy. “Those witches are going to rue the day they brought her into that house! When she gets her head back on, she’s out for vengeance.”

8. We will see the Seven Wonders

2013-1009-ahs-coven-witches2-200The new Supreme will perform much-talked-about series of challenges that prove her dominance. “We have not done that ceremony [yet], and I always knew that would be the last episode.”

9. Get ready for voodoo Satan

That would be Coven’s take on Papa Legba, who stands between the living and the dead. “You find out that’s how come Marie Laveau looks so good – because she sold her soul years ago. He’s a very dark, funny, popular spirit.”

10. And introducing…Stevie Nicks!

Murphy persuaded the Fleetwood Mac icon to appear as herself in the Jan. 8 episode – and yes, there will be singing. “It’s part of Fiona’s ruse, in that Fiona is trying to get the true Supreme to reveal herself because she needs to stay alive. So she tells Misty day that the Supreme gets so many great things like tickets to the Oscars and the Met Ball. So she brings Stevie Nicks in as a gift to Misty to prove to her that if she exhibits more power, she’ll get that and more. Then the other girls come home and see Stevie and Misty singing, and it starts them trying to move much quicker to prove that they are the Supreme.”


Tim Stack / Entertainment Weekly (#1289) / Thursday, November 29, 2013

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