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VIDEOS 3/23: Amway Center, Orlando FL

Fleetwood Mac performed at Amway Center in Orlando, Florida, on Monday night.

Stevie dedicated “Landslide” to the Steven Dole (sp) family, about whom she credits writing her first song.

“Tonight I would like to dedicate it to a friend of mine’s family who is here. The first song I ever wrote [presumably “I’ve Loved and I’ve Lost”] I wrote about this particular family’s, I guess it would be their dad and granddad. I know, it’s making me old just to say it. But it’s true. I wrote my first song when I was 15 and a half about their dad and their granddad. Isn’t that crazy? So this is for the Dole (sp) family. So I always like to say, without them, there may never have been a first song. So we have to applaud them for the grace that they gave me. So this is for you, Dole family. It’s called ‘Landslide.’ Thank you to all of Steven’s family here.”

“Seven Wonders” and “Songbird” were dropped from the set at this show.

Date Venue Location Reviews Show # Total
Monday, March 23, 2015 Amway Center Orlando, Florida 28 68



Thanks to CQAirsofting, EFK1993, Jason D, Andrew Grew, Tatyana Perez, Robert Ratcliff, Robert Ruark, Doug Staas, stretchtothemoon3, SuperBoomshack, zoechasteen for sharing these videos!

The Chain (Jason D)

You Make Loving Fun (CQAirsofting)

You Make Loving Fun (Jason D)

Dreams (SuperBoomshack)

Second Hand News (stretchtothemoon3)

Rhiannon (Jason D)

Rhiannon (stretchtothemoon3)

Everywhere (Robert Ruark)

I Know I’m Not Wrong (stretchtothemoon3)

Tusk (Andrew Grey)

Tusk (SuperBoomshack)

Sisters of the Moon (stretchtothemoon3)

Sisters of the Moon (SuperBoomshack)

Say You Love Me (SuperBoomshack)

Big Love (SuperBoomshack)

Landslide (SuperBoomshack)

Never Going Back Again (SuperBoomshack)

Never Going Back Again (zoechasteen)

Over My Head (SuperBoomshack)

Gypsy with story (Jason D)

Gypsy (SuperBoomshack)

Little Lies (SuperBoomshack)

Little Lies (Jason D)

Gold Dust Woman (SuperBoomshack)

Gold Dust Woman (Robert Ratcliff)

I’m So Afraid (stretchtothemoon3)

I’m So Afraid (SuperBoomshack)

Go Your Own Way (Jason D)

Go Your Own Way (Doug Staas)

Go Your Own Way (SuperBoomshack)

World Turning – solo (Tatyana Perez)

World Turning (SuperBoomshack)

Silver Springs (Jason D)

Silver Springs (SuperBoomshack)

Set List

1. The Chain 13. Landslide
2. You Make Lovin’ Fun 14. Never Going Back Again
3. Dreams 15. Over My Head
4. Second Hand News 16. Gypsy
5. Rhiannon 17. Little Lies
6. Everywhere 18. Gold Dust Woman
7. I Know I’m Not Wrong 19. I’m So Afraid
8. Tusk 20. Go Your Own Way
9. Sisters of the Moon 21. World Turning
10. Say You Love Me 22. Don’t Stop
11. Seven Wonders 23. Silver Springs
12. Big Love 24. Songbird




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