VIDEOS 11/2: Rod Laver Arena, Melbourne (Night 1)

Fleetwood Mac performed at Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne on Monday night, the first of three soldout shows.

Stevie dedicated “Landslide” to a man whom she dubbed “Movie Mark.”

“Had it not been for ‘Movie Mark,” I would not have seen the second movie of the Twilight series, and therefore, I would not have written a song called ‘Moonlight” that I dearly love and that changed my life. And it’s all because of him. So thank you, Mark, for that magical moment that you created that ended up creating a lot of magic for me. So this is for you and it’s ‘Landslide.'”

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Thanks to Nicole Barker, Bella 4lana, Melody Fair, pjgirl23, and Valerie B for capturing and sharing this footage.

The Chain (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - The Chain (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Dreams (Melody Fair)

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams, Melbourne 2 Nov 2015


Dreams (pjgirl23)

Fleetwood Mac - Dreams - Rod Laver Arena 2nd November 2015


Rhiannon (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Everywhere (Melody Fair)

Fleetwood Mac - Everywhere, Melbourne 2 Nov 2015


Tusk (Valerie B)

Tusk - Fleetwood Mac live


Bleed to Love Her (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Bleed To Love Her (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Sara (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Sara (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Say You Love Me (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Say You Love Me (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Big Love (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Big Love (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Landslide (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Landslide (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Think about Me (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Think About Me (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Gypsy – intro (Bella 4lana)

stevie nicks gypsy intro


Gypsy (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Gypsy (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Little Lies (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Little Lies (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Gold Dust Woman (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Go Your Own Way (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Go Your Own Way (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Encore (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Encore (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


World Turning – drum solo (Melody Fair)

Fleetwood Mac, Mick Fleetwood - Drums, Melbourne 2 Nov 2015


Don’t Stop (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Don't Stop (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Silver Springs (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Silver Springs (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Songbird (pjgirl23)

Fleetwood Mac - Songbird - Fleetwood Mac - Rod Laver Arena 2nd November 2015


Bows (Nicole Barker)

Fleetwood Mac - Bows (Melbourne, 02.11.2015)


Live Tweets

Set List

  1. The Chain
  2. You Make Loving Fun
  3. Dreams
  4. Second Hand News
  5. Rhiannon
  6. Everywhere
  7. Bleed to Love Her (replaces I Know I’m Not Wrong)
  8. Tusk
  9. Sara (replaces Sisters of the Moon)
  10. Say You Love Me
  11. Big Love
  12. Landslide
  13. Never Going Back Again
  14. Think About Me (replaces Over My Head)
  15. Gypsy
  16. Little Lies
  17. Gold Dust Woman
  18. I’m So Afraid
  19. Go Your Own Way
  20. World Turning (encore 1)
  21. Don’t Stop
  22. Silver Springs
  23. Songbird (encore 2)

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