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I’m back, Witches!

“Lightning strikes…maybe once, maybe twice,” and it has! Stevie Nicks has returned to the American Horror Story franchise for a second time, making her appearance in Season 8’s Apocalypse in Episode 5: “Boy Wonder,” making her appearance at the end of the hour.

So what did the AHS masterminds come up with? Resurrected from hell, Stevie’s Coven protégé Misty Day (Lily Rabe) tells the Supreme Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulsen) that she has “lost [her] footing” and “doesn’t know where [she] is anymore.” This animal-loving witch had been condemned to dissecting laboratory frogs over and over again for an eternity, which obviously caused in some serious PTSD. The girl is broken. Of course, Cordelia can think of no better way to console Misty than to summon her mom’s BFF — none other than THE MAGICAL STEVIE NICKS! Or “The White Witch,” as Misty affectionately calls her.

You may remember in Season 3 that Stevie healed Cordelia’s mom (or maybe it was the brandy), the former Supreme Fiona Goode, with a mesmerizing piano performance of “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything For You.” Stevie makes her grand entrance in trademark black, her blond locks crimped, recalling those 1994 Street Angel days, and immediately uses her musical powers to heal Misty: serenading her with a beautiful acoustic rendition of “Gypsy,” with the talented B.D. Wong on the keys — perfection. Stevie invites Misty to dance and twirl and to be once again the gypsy…that she was. #tears #StevieSaves

See the full clip below.

Hello Witches!

Hello Witches! Stevie is back to save the day!

Posted by Stevie Nicks Info on Wednesday, October 10, 2018

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