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Stevie reflects on Sheryl Crow’s ‘Redemption Day,’ Johnny Cash

Stevie Nicks took to social media to share her thoughts on deep cut ‘Redemption Day’ from Sheryl Crow’s Threads and the Johnny Cash connection

Stevie shared her thoughts on Sheryl Crow‘s “Redemption Day” (from Threads), a song that Crow originally recorded for her self-titled 1996 album. Johnny Cash covered the song in 2003 shortly before his death; the song was posthumously released on his 2010 album American VI: Ain’t No Grave.

The Threads version is a duet that melds together Cash’s vocal (from his cover) with Crow’s. Stevie sang Cash’s part during their performance of “Redemption Day” on the Wednesday episode of The Ellen Show. In her post, Stevie revealed how the recording brought her tears, crying “all the way through it.”

Read Stevie’s full comments below. 

Sheryl Crow and Stevie Nicks perform ‘Redemption Day’ on Ellen

Social Media Transcript of Stevie’s Comments

December 4, 2019

Last month I got a call from my old friend Sheryl Crow’s team to ask if I would come and do “Prove You Wrong” on the Ellen Show~ and if so, was there anything else I would like to do, I was on the road and finishing up the Fleetwood Mac tour ~ and can I just say, more tired than I have ever been – in my life ~
I sat down with her new album and came upon a song called “Redemption Day” ~ that I was later to find out ~ was not new ~ it was written in 1996 and for this version, she had pulled Johnny Cash’s vocal resulting in a heart wrenching duet that could have been written today. I cried all the way thru it.

I started learning it on the road ~ I would sing Johnny Cash’s part ~ I called her, sang it over the phone – (in tears) and said ~ I’m in ~ I will override my tiredness and do all of your shows so we can bring this song to the world…I think it says what I need to say ~ about our world today. I think our friend, Bob Dylan, would be proud to hear this song that so beautifully explains what’s going on now ~

Sheryl Crow is a master songwriter ~ and I am honored to help her bring this song to the world ~ I deeply wish that Johnny Cash was still here to sing it with us ~ but, he is singing it now on her new record ~

Thank you, Ellen, for letting us sing it yesterday on your show. Tonight we will sing it at the Ace Theatre in Los Angeles ~ and tomorrow we will sing it for Jimmy Kimmel ~

It breaks my heart ~
And gives me hope ~ at the same time…
Get this record
Do it for the world…

Stevie Nicks

See Sheryl Crow & Johnny Cash’s version here:
See Sheryl Crow & Stevie’s performance here:

Sheryl Crow, Johnny Cash – ‘Redemption Day’

Sheryl Crow, Johnny Cash - Redemption Day


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