Miley Cyrus performs ‘Edge of Midnight’ on Stern Show

Miley Cyrus appeared on The Howard Stern Show to perform her “Midnight Sky”/”Edge of Seventeen” mashup remix “Edge of Midnight.”

Miley talked about working with Stevie Nicks on the remix. “I had sampled ‘Edge of Seventeen,’ reached out to Stevie and asked her to bless it. And she said, ‘You can borrow from me anytime.’ And so I’m like, Shit! Like if you’re feeling that way, uh, could I just like borrow you and your time? It was such a trip because I’m so used to singing Stevie Nicks lyrics, and when she started singing ‘See my lips on her mouth / Everybody’s talkin’ now,’ to which she said, ‘I gotta say that part. It will be very controversial.’ So even she was talking about my lyrics and like what they meant to her. That was one of the trippier experiences of my life, was having my words coming out of Stevie Nicks’ mouth ’cause her words will come out of mine a billion times.”

Miley Cyrus “Edge of Midnight” on the Stern Show


Miley Cyrus - Edge of Midnight (Midnight Sky Remix) (Audio) ft. Stevie Nicks


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