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Rock a Little reissue in the works?

On Wednesday, Stevie Nicks Rock a LittleRhino cryptically tweeted “We are always listening and we love you,” along with a picture of a white jacket donning the Rock a Little album branding on the backside. Could Rhino have a much-anticipated Rock a Little reissue up their sleeve?

If we’re keeping score, Rock a Little is Stevie Nicks‘ third best-selling solo album in the U.S., behind Bella Donna and The Wild Heart, selling more than 1 million copies back in 1985. So if we’re talking about the bottom line, it would make perfect financial sense for Rhino to issue a deluxe package of this bestseller. A hot-pink vinyl edition would be everything!

At the time, Rock a Little had become Stevie’s most expensive recording taking more than a year to complete, so there’s certain to be a treasure trove of unreleased material beyond the few crumbs that have been commercially issued so far (“Reconsider Me, “Mirror Mirror”). 

The Rock a Little album itself was quite the ’80s energy bomb. Side 1 kicked off with the frenetic “I Can’t Wait,” which exploded like sonic confetti of beat-boxes, guitar solos, and layered vocals. The rock-and-roll ballerina Lily hit the stage in the album title track, while the lovely “Sister Honey” took you fast like a jet plane and star stream, arriving at the fabulous “Imperial Hotel,” where you can sit across the glass table, same glass table. Stevie created some eye-catching visuals here.

Stevie kept the energy level high on Side 2, while exploring darker themes. She was imprisoned in “The Nightmare” and then discreetly invited her lover to “come around tonight indecent” in the rock anthem “No Spoken Word.” (Only Stevie can describe horniness in the classiest way possible.) And who could not be moved by her now-classic, mournful ballad “Has Anyone Ever Written Anything for You”? 

Sharon Celani, Lori Nicks, Stevie Nicks
Sharon Celani, Lori (Perry) Nicks, Stevie Nicks

Rock a Little came out at the height of “The Big ’80s” — partying at its most decadent. In Stevie’s case, there were fabulously over-the-top music videos (for “Talk to Me” and “I Can’t Wait”), bold hairstyles and outfits (see the big black ball gown on the album cover), and the notoriously wild Rock a Little Tour that sent Stevie straight to Betty Ford afterward! Needless to say, our girl had a good time.

After being deprived of concerts and other entertainment for a year, what would be better than a Big ’80s Rock a Little reissue? Please God, show them (Rhino) the way to the Bella-Donna-The-Wild-Heart-Rock-a-Little trifecta!

Stevie Nicks - Talk To Me (Official Music Video)


Stevie Nicks - I Can't Wait (Official Music Video)


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