Stevie Nicks
(Randee St Nicholas)

Stevie Nicks confirms upcoming appearance at ACL Festival

Stevie Nicks has confirmed her upcoming appearance at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, October 1-3 & October 8-10; her specific performance date is Sunday, October 3. Stevie quoted herself by saying “I can’t wait!”, which, of course, is the name of her Top 20 single “I Can’t Wait.” 

ACL festival organizers announced the lineup on Thursday, May 20. Tickets have been quickly selling out, which clearly shows the pent-up demand for music festivals and other outdoor activities. Stevie will join George Strait, Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and many others onstage at the massive festival at Zilker Park.

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Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks will no longer be performing at five previously scheduled festivals.

Stevie Says...
If I'm not vulnerable, I won't ever wrote any more songs about vulnerability, and then what am I doing? I need to help people. I need make people believe that it's all right to be vulnerable and to be a little naive, and to be still sweet and kind and good.

Edge of Midnight (2020)

Beautiful People Beautiful Problems (2018)

It Don’t Matter to the Sun (2015)

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Stevie Nicks, Stand Back 1981-2017, compilation