Stevie Nicks is the ‘Remedy’ on new Maroon 5 track

Stevie Nicks recently collaborated with Maroon 5 on “Remedy,” a new song from the band’s upcoming album Jordi out June 11 on the Interscope label.

Stevie has been friends with Maroon 5 lead singer Adam Levine for a while now, previously appearing together on NBC’s The Voice and onstage for impromptu duets.

Listen to “Remedy” now!

Maroon 5 - Remedy ft. Stevie Nicks (Official Lyric Video)


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Jordi Track List

1. “Beautiful Mistakes” feat. Megan thee Stallion
2. “Lost”
3. “Echo” feat. blackbear
4. “Lovesick”
5. “Remedy” feat. Stevie Nicks
6. “Seasons”
7. “One Light” feat. Bantu
8. “Convince Me Otherwise” feat. H.E.R.
9. “Nobody’s Love”
10. “Can’t Leave You Alone” feat. Juice WRLD
11. “Memories“
12. “Memories (Remix)” feat. Nipsey Hussle & YG
13. “Button” [feat. Anuel AA, Tainy]*
14. “Lifestyle” (Jason Derulo feat. Adam Levine)*

* Target CD exclusive tracks

Stevie Nicks Adam Levine
Maroon 5 & Stevie Nicks - Hollywood Bowl


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