Garbo (2016 Remaster)


Stevie Nicks wrote “Garbo” about the “infamous photo session for the Buckingham Nicks cover.” Despite her reluctance to pose nude on the cover, which would have shocked her parents, Stevie went along with the idea “for art, for the music.” Stevie later reflected on the awkward experience in the acoustic “Garbo,” comparing herself to female movie stars and pondering whether they had done uncomfortable things for the sake of their craft or careers…perhaps Greta Garbo?

During the 1998 Enchanted Tour, the only time that “Garbo” has been performed onstage, Stevie revealed how she spent her last $110 on a beautiful blouse to wear for the photo session, only to be asked to remove it later.

Interestingly, Stevie wrote “Greta” for Street Angel (1994), but it was about a completely different topic!


I love to waltz with a man in a dark linen suit
All alone at a party with someone I knew
From a time gone by turned into stone

You could be Garbo or even Marlene
You could be Marilyn
Or you could forget

I play the part but then all of us do
And I do it so well as I do it to you
In this town full of strangers
In this town full of fools
Venus doesn’t glitter when she stands next to you
When you’re waltzing through stardom
You miss what you lose

Lose yourself in a silvery dress
For you think you must do what you feel you do best
And you mustn’t give it up for you’re still but a guest

You could be Garbo or even Marlene
Or you could forget

You could be Garbo…
You could forget…
You could forget…

(Stevie Nicks) © 1982 Welsh Witch Music (BMI) / Admin. by Sony/ATV Songs LLC (BMI)


Bob Glaub: Bass
Bobbye Hall: Percussion
Russ Kunkel: Drums
Benmont Tench: Organ
Waddy Wachtel: Guitar
Sharon Celani & Lori Perry: Background vocals

Produced by Jimmy Iovine


Nicks, S. (1998). Enchanted: The Works of Stevie Nicks.

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