Stevie Nicks
(Randee St Nicholas)

Stevie Nicks pulls out of festival shows due to rising COVID cases

Stevie Nicks has pulled out of her five festival shows scheduled for the fall, citing concern for rising COVID-19 cases. “I want everyone to be safe and healthy and the rising Covid cases should be of concern to all of us,” Stevie wrote in a statement. “For that reason, I have decided to skip the 5 performances I had planned for 2021.” Stevie broke the news to fans on her Facebook page and other social media Tuesday afternoon.

At 73, Stevie has sensibly prioritized health and wellness in order to keep performing. “Because singing and performing have been my whole life, my primary goal is to keep healthy so I can continue singing for the next decade or longer.” No one would argument that!

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Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks will no longer be performing at five previously scheduled festivals.

Stevie Says...
If I'm not vulnerable, I won't ever wrote any more songs about vulnerability, and then what am I doing? I need to help people. I need make people believe that it's all right to be vulnerable and to be a little naive, and to be still sweet and kind and good.

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