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Stevie Nicks has shared her thoughts on 9/11, reflecting on the 20th anniversary of the horrific events.

Stevie was in New York on 9/11, touring for Trouble in Shangri-La. You can read her journal entries of the 9/11 attacks at The Nicks Fix, where they were originally published.

Dearest Everyone~

This is my journal entry beginning September 11, 2001. I wanted to share it with you, because I was in New York; because it was the heaviest thing I have ever experienced ~

Stevie Nicks

In 2003, Stevie reflected on 9/11 in the song “Illume (9-11),” which she recorded with Fleetwood Mac for Say You Will.



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If I'm not vulnerable, I won't ever wrote any more songs about vulnerability, and then what am I doing? I need to help people. I need make people believe that it's all right to be vulnerable and to be a little naive, and to be still sweet and kind and good.

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